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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Abbott Private James 1626 11th Hussars
Abraham Private John 1114 4th Light Dragoons
Adair Private Alexander 1851 11th Hussars
Adams Private Albert 1464 13th Light Dragoons
Adams Private Henry 1604 4th Light Dragoons
Adams Private James 789 17th Lancers
Adams Private James 1076 8th Hussars
Adams Private Joshua 899 8th Hussars
Adams Private Thomas 1635 4th Light Dragoons
Adams Private William 1203 11th Hussars
Addis Private Ebenezer 1576 4th Light Dragoons
Adlington Lieutenant Henry 4th Light Dragoons
Aikhead / Aiked Private Frederick 1343 8th Hussars
Ainsworth Private John 1907 11th Hussars
Alder Private Joseph 1701 13th Light Dragoons
Alderson Sergeant Henry 1177 13th Light Dragoons
Aldous Private Charles 1064 17th Lancers
Alexander Private Joseph 989 17th Lancers
Allcot Private James 1778 8th Hussars [INFO TO BE ADDED?]
Allee Private John 1589 13th Light Dragoons
Allen Private Charles 1843 13th Light Dragoons
Allen Private George 1872 13th Light Dragoons
Allen Private James 1652 11th Hussars
Allen Corporal John 1199 13th Light Dragoons
Allen Private John 1343 13th Light Dragoons
Allen Private John 1751 4th Light Dragoons
Allen Private Thomas 807 17th Lancers
Allison Private Miles 1523 17th Lancers
Alliston Private Richard 1443 4th Light Dragoons
Alliston / Allistone Private Thomas 1128 11th Hussars
Allsop / Allsopp Private John / Richard 1790 4th Light Dragoons
Allured Private Charles 1340 11th Hussars
Allwood Private Job 1534 13th Light Dragoons
Ames Private Charles 1818 13th Light Dragoons
Ancell Asst Surgeon Malcolm 11th Hussars
Anderson Private George 1738 11th Hussars
Anderson Surgeon George 8th Hussars
Anderson Private James 1566 11th Hussars
Anderson Private John 1703 11th Hussars
Anderson Sergeant John 1455 4th Light Dragoons
Anderson Private Robert 1250 4th Light Dragoons
Anderson QM Thomas [orig 665] 13th Light Dragoons
Andrews Private Charles 1258 17th Lancers
Andrews Private David 1444 11th Hussars
Andrews Private Francis 929 17th Lancers
Andrews Private Francis 1093 17th Lancers
Andrews Private George 1672 13th Light Dragoons
Andrews Private Henry 998 17th Lancers
Andrews Corporal James 1447 11th Hussars
Andrews Corporal John 1262 4th Light Dragoons
Andrews Private John 516 17th Lancers
Andrews Private Lewis 746 13th Light Dragoons
Andrews Private William 1028 11th Hussars
Andrews Private William 1272 17th Lancers
Andrews Private William 1389 8th Hussars
Annesley Cornet Arthur 11th Hussars
Annesley Lieutenant Robert 11th Hussars
Anthony Prob Vet Surgeon Paul 11th Hussars
Applebee Private Walter 1691 13th Light Dragoons
Appleby Private William 1837 13th Light Dragoons
Appleton Corporal Charles 1390 8th Hussars
Appleton Corporal Henry 1830 13Light Dragoons
Archer HSM George 707 11th Hussars
Armes Private Thomas 1535 4th Light Dragoons
Armishaw Private William 1570 13th Light Dragoons
Armstrong Private John 1048 8th Hussars
Armstrong Corporal Joseph 1292 4th Light Dragoons
Armstrong Assistant Surgeon Lancelot 13th Light Dragoons
Armstrong Private William 878 17th Lancers
Ash Private Henry 1121 11th Hussars
Ashby Private Joseph 1789 13th Light Dragoons
Ashford Corporal Thomas 1464 4th Light Dragoons
Ashley Private William 1323 4th Light Dragoons
Ashton Private Robert 828 11th Hussars
Ashton Private Robert 1308 11th Hussars
Aspinall Private James 1776 13th Light Dragoons
Athaway Private William 1597 13th Light Dragoons
Atkinson Private James 1723 11th Hussars
Atkinson Private Mark 614 13th Light Dragoons
Attwater Private Edward 1914 13th Light Dragoons
Audin Private James 1375 13th Light Dragoons
Austin Private St Peter 1767 11th Hussars
Avison Farr-Maj Charles 644 11th Hussars
Aylett Private Watson 1191 17th Lancers

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