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1029, Private Henry BAYNES - 11th Hussars

Also recorded as "Baines".

Death, burial & memorialisation

This page focuses on death, burial and memorialisation. In many cases, there is considerably more information in the EJBA e.g about his childhood, military career, medals, discharge, and family and later life, but this is not being posted online at the moment. If you can contribute photographs (for example showing the current state of a grave or memorial) or additional information, or have a particular interest, please contact the editors.

Birth & early life

Born at Faversham, Kent, c.1819.

Death & burial

From the Army and Navy Gazette, February 1882:

"11th Hussars. - "Henry Baynes, aged 62, died at Canterbury in February of 1882. He entered the Regiment as a youth and served at Balaclava. He was discharged on the 19th of June 1863, with five Good Conduct badges."

From his death certificate he died on the 15th of February 1882 at 23, Cossington Road, St. Mary Bredin, Canterbury, from "Cancer of the Tongue, Exhaustion." aged 62 years, his occupation being that of a Private Coachman. A Mary Baynes (widow of the deceased) and of the same address, was present at, and the informant of, his death. (There is a copy of this in the "Certificates" file.)

From the United Services Gazette, 18th of February 1882:

"On Wednesday last (the 15th inst.) Henry Baynes, late of the 11th Hussars, died at Canterbury. He rode in the famous charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava, was also at the battles of Alma and Inkerman and went through these engagements without receiving a single wound. He had served with the regiment for twenty-five years".

Although this news-item gives the impression that he rode in the Charge there is nothing to substantiate this.

Lummis and Wynn state that he was buried in the Cossington Road Cemetery, Canterbury, Kent, on the 19th of February 1882. However, no cemetery can be found of this name - perhaps there was some confusion with his address?

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