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1570, Private Benjamin BEESON - 11th Hussars

Death, burial & memorialisation

This page focuses on death, burial and memorialisation. In many cases, there is considerably more information in the EJBA e.g about his childhood, military career, medals, discharge, and family and later life, but this is not being posted online at the moment. If you can contribute photographs (for example showing the current state of a grave or memorial) or additional information, or have a particular interest, please contact the editors.

Birth & early life

Born at Gaywood, near King's Lynn, Norfolk, c.1830, the son of Richard Beeson, a Baker, of Nelson St, Lynn, and his wife Mary.

Death & burial

Died on the 25th of December 1908 and was buried in the churchyard of All Saints' Church, Sanderstead, Surrey, on the 30th of December.

The burial register states: "December 30th 1908. Benjamin Beeson, late 11th Hussars. Military and Police funeral."

His gravestone bears the inscription:

"Jane, wife of Benjamin Beeson, who died October the 9th 1883. "He giveth his beloved, peace."

Also of Benjamin Beeson, the husband of the above, who was called to rest on Christmas Day 1908, aged 78 years.

"One of the survivors of the famous Charge at Balaclava, 1854."

"When will their glory fade,

Oh, the wild charge they made,

Noble Six Hundred."

There is a photograph of this stone in the 11th Hussar file.

A comprehensive pamphlet on his life, death and funeral was published in the Metropolitan Police magazine, "The Warren", in 1976.

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