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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Caffrey Private Robert 1035 8th Hussars
Cain, Cane Private Dennis 1705 13th Light Dragoons
Cain Private Francis 1391 13th Light Dragoons
Caine Private James 1366 8th Hussars
Cairnes Private Charles 1348 8th Hussars
Cairney Private John 1832 4th Light Dragoons
Calderhead Private James 1553 11th Hussars
Callaghan Private James 1444 17th Lancers
Callaghan Private John 1609 13th Light Dragoons
Callaghan Private Timothy 380 17th Lancers
Callaghan Private Timothy 931 17th Lancers
Calthorpe, Gough Calthorpe Lieutenant Somerset 8th Hussars
Cameron Private James 412 13th Light Dragoons
Cammell H Sergeant David 904 8th Hussars
Cammell Private Edward 696 8th Hussars
Cammell Private William 1190 17th Lancers
Campbell Private Atcheson 1366 13th Light Dragoons
Campbell Sergeant Edward 1329 4th Light Dragoons
Campbell Private Michael 907 8th Hussars
Canning (aka "William Cory","William Henry Tyson", "William Gaston Tyson"?) Private Walter 1604 11th Hussars
Capon Private James 1538 4th Light Dragoons
Carbrey, Carberry Private James 1316 4th Light Dragoons
Card Private Stephen 1838 13th Light Dragoons
Carey Private Michael 1429 8th Hussars
Carey Private Robert 1324 17th Lancers
Carpenter Private Thomas 1993 4th Light Dragoons
Carr Private William 1430 4th Light Dragoons
Carroll Corporal John 1283 17th Lancers
Carroll Private Peter 1515 4th Light Dragoons
Carroll Private Robert 1710 11th Hussars
Cart Private Charles 1046 11th Hussars
Carter Corporal Cornelius 1708 4th Light Dragoons
Carter Private Eli 1158 4th Light Dragoons
Carter Corporal George 1431 11th Hussars
Carter Private Henry 1145 17th Lancers
Carter Private Henry 1218 17th Lancers
Carter Private Joseph 1494 4th Light Dragoons
Cartwright Private John 1501 8th Hussars
Carty Private Nicholas 590 17th Lancers
Catlyn Private Thomas 847 13th Light Dragoons
Cattermole TSM William 483 17th Lancers
Cave Private William 1025 8th Hussars
Cavendish Private Charles 1773 11th Hussars
Chadwick Corporal John 993 8th Hussars
Chadwick Cornet John 17th Lancers
Chadwick Corporal Richard 1448 13th Light Dragoons
Chamberlain Private William 1045 17th Lancers
Chamberlayne Cornet Denzil 13th Light Dragoons
Chambers Private Richard 1252 11th Hussars
Champion Private James 1194 8th Hussars
Chandler Private John 1307 8th Hussars
Chapman Private Edward 1070 17th Lancers
Chapman Private James 1117 17th Lancers
Chapman Private John 1249 8th Hussars
Chapman Private J. 1774 11th Hussars
Chapman Private Thomas 1180 17th Lancers
Chapman Private William 1172 8th Hussars
Chapman Private Robert 1182 8th Hussars
Chase Private William 1598 13th Light Dragoons
Cheer Sergeant Thomas 1150 13th Light Dragoons
Cheeseman Private Henry 1900 13Light Dragoons
Cheshire, Chesher Private Charles 1429 4th Light Dragoons
Cheshire Private Frederick Henry 1201 8th Hussars
Chessman Private George 1203 8th Hussars
Chettle Private William 1271 11th Hussars
Chetwode Captain George 8th Hussars
Chick Private Thomas 1681 4th Light Dragoons
Chidley Private William 1374 17th Lancers
Chilcott Private James 1713 13th Light Dragoons
Christian Private Austin 1277 17th Lancers
Christie Private James 1958 4th Light Dragoons
Christie Private Peter 1468 8th Hussars
Clare Private Charles 1754 13th Light Dragoons
Clark Private Edward 1471 11th Hussars
Clark Private Henry 1395 17th Lancers
Clark Private Henry 1396 17th Lancers
Clark Private James 1107 17th Lancers
Clark RSM John 797 4th Light Dragoons
Clark Private Thomas 1113 17th Lancers
Clark Corporal William 1367 11th Hussars
Clarke Private George 1196 8th Hussars
Clarke TSM Michael 453 8th Hussars
Clay Private John 1556 8th Hussars
Clayton Lieutenant John 13th Light Dragoons
Clayton Private William 1782 4th Light Dragoons
Clear Private William 1701 11th Hussars
Clement Private Alfred 1739 11th Hussars
Clement Private James 1189 8th Hussars
Cleveland Cornet ArchibaLight Dragoons 17th Lancers
Clifford Private Frederick 1088 17th Lancers
Clifford Corporal James 1142 13th Light Dragoons
Clout Private George 1491 4th Light Dragoons
Clout Trmptr James 1514 4th Light Dragoons
Clowes Cornet George 8th Hussars
Clutterbuck Lt Daniel 8th Hussars
Coates Private David 1352 17th Lancers
Cockburn Cornet Edward 11th Hussars
Coffee Corporal John 635 17th Lancers
Coleman Private William 1649 13th Light Dragoons
Coleshall Private Frederick 1772 11th Hussars
Coley Private Joseph 774 17th Lancers
Collingwood Trmptr Charles 1402 13th Light Dragoons
Collins Private Henry 1874 13th Light Dragoons
Colson Private William 1433 13th Light Dragoons
Comley Private Samuel 705 17th Lancers
Compton Private James 1700 11th Hussars
Compton Private William 1699 11th Hussars
Conway Pte Henry 1409 8th Hussars
Cook Cpl Charles 1490 11th Hussars
Cook Pte John 1990 4th Light Dragoons
Cook Private Edward 1581 13th Light Dragoons
Cook Captain Edwin 11th Hussars
Cook Pte Frederick 1792 13th Light Dragoons
Cook Pte Henry 1574 13th Light Dragoons
Cook Pte James 1596 13th Light Dragoons
Cook Pte Philip 999 13th Light Dragoons
Cook Pte Thomas 1048 13th Light Dragoons
Cook Private Thomas 1737 13th Light Dragoons
Cooke Sgt George 923 8th Hussars
Cooke Pte George 1439 8th Hussars
Cooke Pte George 1505 8th Hussars
Cooke Pte George 1675 8th Hussars
Cooper Pte Charles 1603 11th Hussars
Cooper Private Charles 1858 13th Light Dragoons
Cooper Pte Edwin 1789 11th Hussars
Cooper Pte George 1526 13th Light Dragoons
Copas Pte Edwin 1244 8th Hussars
Cope Pte William 837 17th Lancers
Cope Pte John 1020 17th Lancers
Cope Pte James 1034 17th Lancers
Corcoran Pte Thomas 643 17th Lancers
Cork Cpl Charles 1437 11th Hussars
Cork Pte William 1492 4th Light Dragoons
Cornelius Pte John 1523 4th Light Dragoons
Cornish Pte Frederick 1702 11th Hussars
Cornish Pte Henry 1148 17th Lancers
Corson Pte William 1512 11th Hussars
Cosgrove Pte Peter 930 8th Hussars
Costello Pte Timothy 1072 13th Light Dragoons
Cottam Pte John 1685 13th Light Dragoons
Coultate Pte George 752 11th Hussars
Coulter Pte Joseph 1390 13th Light Dragoons
Court Pte Charles 1421 13th Light Dragoons
Cousins Pte Charles 1482 4th Light Dragoons
Cousins Pte John 1369 8th Hussars
Cousins Pte James 1393 8th Hussars
Cowperthwaite Pte Arthur 1673 4th Light Dragoons
Cox Pte Henry 1665 13th Light Dragoons
Cox Pte James 1465 4th Light Dragoons
Cox Pte Joseph 1089 8th Hussars
Cox Pte Joseph 1296 13th Light Dragoons
Cox Pte Samuel 1573 11th Hussars
Cox Private Thomas 1854 13th Light Dragoons
Cradock-Hartopp Lieutenant John 17th Lancers
Crane Private Charles 747 4th Light Dragoons
Crawford Trmptr Hugh 1295 4th Light Dragoons
Creed Pte George 1164 17th Lancers
Creed Pte Michael 971 8th Hussars
Creese Pte Henry 1398 13th Light Dragoons
Crene Pte George 1474 11th Hussars
Cresdee T Sgt-Maj William 1127 13th Light Dragoons
Cresswell Pte Josiah 1240 13th Light Dragoons
Cresswell Captain William 11th Hussars
Crichton Asst Surg Robert 4th Light Dragoons
Cripps Pte Richard 1195 17th Lancers
Crisp Pte Frederick 788 8th Hussars
Crocker Pte Rowland 1551 11th Hussars
Croft Pte Charles, George 1158 17th Lancers
Crooks Pte William 1269 17th Lancers
Crosbie Pte Andrew 1605 17th Lancers
Crosse Pte George 1615 11th Hussars
Crosse Surg John 11th Hussars
Croucher Pte Charles / James 1145 8th Hussars
Crow Pte James 577 8th Hussars
Croydon Pte George 1440 4th Light Dragoons
Cullen Pte William 1520 11th Hussars
Cummings Pte Michael 1386 8th Hussars
Cunningham Pte James 1298 13th Light Dragoons
Cunningham Pte William 1408 13th Light Dragoons
Curran Pte Edward 2008 4th Light Dragoons
Curteine Pte Thomas 987 8th Hussars
Curzon Cornet William 17th Lancers
Cuthbert Farr Joseph 1438 4th Light Dragoons
Cutmore Pte Joseph 1622 13th Light Dragoons

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