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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Fairbanks Private Henry 1478 4th Light Dragoons
Faith Private Richard 1678 11th Hussars
Falconer Private John 1408 11th Hussars
Fane Private William 1230 17th Lancers
Farmer Private Charles 1826 11th Hussars
Farmer Private John 521 17th Lancers
Farquharson Private Robert 1277 4th Light Dragoons
Farrell Sergeant John 795 17th Lancers
Farrell Private John 1420 4th Light Dragoons
Farrell Private Patrick 1313 8th Hussars
Farrington Private Stephen 1316 13th Light Dragoons
Faulkner Private David 1763 4th Light Dragoons
Fearon Private George 1671 13th Light Dragoons
Fegan Private John 1652 13th Light Dragoons
Fegan Private Patrick 333 17th Lancers
Fellowes Captain Edward 11th Hussars
Fellows Private Frederick 1563 13th Light Dragoons
Feltham Trmptr John 1688 11th Hussars
Fenner Private William 1595 13th Light Dragoons
Fentiman Private Edward 847 11th Hussars
Fenton Private Joseph 1762 11th Hussars
Fenton Private John 1218 13th Light Dragoons
Ferguson Sdlr Robert 1192 4th Light Dragoons
Fennell RSM Charles 699 17th Lancers
Field Sergeant William 996 11th Hussars
Field Private George 1183 17th Lancers
Field Private George 1575 4th Light Dragoons
Figgett Private Henry 1296 17th Lancers
Finch Private Charles 1297 13th Light Dragoons
Finlay Private William 1312 13th Light Dragoons
Finnegan Private Francis 385 8th Hussars
Firkin, Firkins Private Edward 1477 13th Light Dragoons
Firth Private Wilson 1612 11th Hussars
Fishenden, Fisenden, Fissenden Private Richard 1751 13th Light Dragoons
Fisher Private Richard 1395 4th Light Dragoons
Fisher Private George 1488 4th Light Dragoons
Fisher Private Frederick 1704 4th Light Dragoons
Fisher Private Charles 1667 13th Light Dragoons
Fisk Private Henry 1823 13th Light Dragoons
Fitzgerald Private John 1227 13th Light Dragoons
Fitzgerald Sergeant John 1232 13th Light Dragoons
Fitzgerald Private James 1686 13th Light Dragoons
Fitzgerald Private Patrick 1696 13th Light Dragoons
Fitzgerald Private Richard 972 8th Hussars
Fitzgibbon Lieutenant John 8th Hussars
Fitzgibbon Private John 1091 8th Hussars
Flanagan Private Denis 1582 4th Light Dragoons
Fleetman Private Charles 944 8th Hussars
Fleming Private Jeremiah 1041 8th Hussars
Fleming Private Stephen 1117 8th Hussars
Fleming Private John 1156 11th Hussars
Fleming Private Alexander 1734 11th Hussars
Fletcher Private Thomas 1271 4th Light Dragoons
Flight Private Ned 1073 17th Lancers
Flint Private Nicholas 1758 13th Light Dragoons
Flowers Private George 524 17th Lancers
Floyd Private Edward 1317 4th Light Dragoons
Foden, Fordan, Forden Private James 1679 13th Light Dragoons
Fogarty Corporal Nicholas 918 17th Lancers
Fogerty Private John 1209 17th Lancers
Foister Private William 1310 8th Hussars
Foot Private William 1814 13th Light Dragoons
Forbes Private Norris 1450 17th Lancers
Forbes Corporal John 1330 4th Light Dragoons
Ford Private John 1547 4th Light Dragoons
Ford Private John 1805 4th Light Dragoons
Foreman Private Samuel 1149 13th Light Dragoons
Forrest Private Thomas 1700 13th Light Dragoons
Forster, Foster Private James 953 4th Light Dragoons
Fortesque Private Robert 903 8th Hussars
Foster Captain William 11th Hussars
Foster Private John 1156 11th Hussars
Foster ORC Charles 935 13th Light Dragoons
Foster Private Thomas 1108 17th Lancers
Fowkes Private William 1535 13th Light Dragoons
Fowler TSM William 831 4th Light Dragoons
Fowler Private James, Thomas 1617 4th Light Dragoons
Fox Private Joseph 1486 13th Light Dragoons
Fox Private Joseph 1245 17th Lancers
Fox Private Christopher 1314 4th Light Dragoons
Fox Private John 1865 4th Light Dragoons
France Corporal Thomas 1334 11th Hussars
Frazer Private Robert 1435 13th Light Dragoons
Frazier, Frazer Private Richard 825 13th Light Dragoons
Fredericks Private Charles 1450 4th Light Dragoons
Freeman Private John 1111 13th Light Dragoons
Freestone Private William 1544 4th Light Dragoons
French Private George 725 17th Lancers
Fretwell Private Henry 1135 17th Lancers
Frevillier Private William 661 8th Hussars
Frewin Private George 1616 8th Hussars
Fridge Private James 1472 13th Light Dragoons
Friend Private James 982 17th Lancers
Friston Private Robert 1212 11th Hussars
Friston Private George 696 17th Lancers
Frith Pmstr Edmund 13th Light Dragoons
Frost Private Alfred 1489 4th Light Dragoons
Frost Private James 1389 17th Lancers
Frost Private Thomas 1214 8th Hussars
Fry Private George 1137 11th Hussars
Fry Private William 1562 11th Hussars
Fuce Private John 1679 11th Hussars
Fulton Private William 1153 8th Hussars
Furn Private William 1691 11th Hussars
Furness George 1165 8th Hussars
Fussell Private William 1384 17th Lancers

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