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Corporal William Hipson GLYNN — 1345, 13th Light Dragoons

Birth & early life

Born in London, c.1828.


Enlisted at Longford on the 9th of January 1848.

Age: 20.

Height: 5' 9".

Trade: Clerk.


From Private to Corporal 10th of May 1854.

Corporal to Sergeant 26th of October 1854.

Left at Scutari on Staff Employ on the 3rd of May 1856.

Re-engaged for a further 12 years service at Canterbury on the 24th of August 1859.

As Schoolmaster Sergeant in the regiment from the 1st of January 1860 at an extra rate of 1/7 per day. His wife, Jane, was also a Schoolmistress with the regiment at a rate of £24 per annum.

Appointed to Troop Sergeant Major on the 30th of October 1863.

Reverted to Sergeant and sent to the Cavalry Depot at Canterbury on the 11th of September 1866.

Transferred to the 5th Lancers on the 1st of June 1869. Regimental No. 1220.

Employed in the Paymaster's Office at the Canterbury Depot.

Attached to the 19th Hussars from the 17th of March 1870.

The April-June Depot Muster roll shows him as "Left at Cavalry Depot until discharge." This is the last muster prior to the closing down of the Depot.

Can find no further trace. The 5th Lancers were in India at this time, and he may have been discharged from the Depot.

Next of kin: Wife, Jane Glynn. Is shown on the Canterbury Depot "Married roll" from the 9th of August 1867. There were no children in the family up to 1869.


Entitled to the Crimean medal with clasps for Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman and Sebastopol.

Awarded the Long Service & Good Conduct medal on the 24th of August 1869 with a Private"s gratuity of £5, when at the Canterbury Depot.


Life after service

Death & burial

The 19th Hussar muster rolls show him as dying at Canterbury on the 9th of July 1870. His credits of 35/15/9d. were paid over to "Widow Glynn," who at that time was Schoolmistress of the 19th Hussars at a salary of £30 per annum. She was still occupying this post a year later.

The Canterbury Garrison Cemetery records now in the National Archive show him as being buried there on the 12th of July 1870, aged 42 years.

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