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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Gabriel Private Joseph 1592 13th Light Dragoons
Gale Sergeant James 1167 4th Light Dragoons
Gallagher Private James 823 8th Hussars
Gallagher Private George 1373 8th Hussars
Gallimore Private William 1024 17th Lancers
Gallimore Private John 1761 4th Light Dragoons
Gallop Private George 1393 17th Lancers
Gammage Trumpeter Joseph 1029 13th Light Dragoons
Gammon Private Samuel (or James) 1350 11th Hussars
Gannon Sergeant John 489 8th Hussars
Gardiner Private William 1405 13th Light Dragoons
Gardner RSM George 1091 13th Light Dragoons
Garland Sergeant William 954 17th Lancers
Garland Private Joseph 1377 17th Lancers
Garner Private Henry 1426 17th Lancers
Garnham Private George 1480 13th Light Dragoons
Garrard, Garrod Private Robert 1827 11th Hussars
Garth Private John 1671 4th Light Dragoons
Garvey Private James, John 921 4th Light Dragoons
Gash Private William 1351 17th Lancers
Gaskin Private James 1318 13th Light Dragoons
Gavin Vet Surgeon William 17th Lancers
Gaynor Private George 1568 17th Lancers
Gelling Private James 1770 11th Hussars
George Pmstr George 4th Light Dragoons
Gerrard Private Charles 1741 4th Light Dragoons
Gibbons Private Abraham 906 13th Light Dragoons
Gibsone Cornet John 17th Lancers
Gibson Private George 1684 4th Light Dragoons
Gibson Private Hugh 1685 4th Light Dragoons
Gibson Private Henry 1819 4th Light Dragoons
Gibson, Gibson Pilmer Private George 1471 13th Light Dragoons
Gibson Private George 1333 8th Hussars
Gifford Private Thomas 1558 4th Light Dragoons
Gilbert Private Thomas 1226 17th Lancers
Gilchrist Private John 1312 4th Light Dragoons
Gillam Corporal David 1130 4th Light Dragoons
Gillies Private Charles 1507 13th Light Dragoons
Gillman Private George 1482 13th Light Dragoons
Gilmore Private Michael 1331 4th Light Dragoons
Glanister Corporal George 1438 11th Hussars
Glanister Private James 1564 11th Hussars
Glazebrook Private Reuben 1729 4th Light Dragoons
Glendwr Private Richard 1192 8th Hussars
Glenn Private William 1709 11th Hussars
Gloag Vet Surgeon John 11th Hussars
Glyn Cornet Riversdale 8th Hussars
Glynn Corporal William 1345 13th Light Dragoons
Goad Cornet George 13th Light Dragoons
Goad Captain Thomas 13th Light Dragoons
Gobby Private James 1754 13th Light Dragoons
Goddard Private Henry 1852 13th Light Dragoons
Godden Private William 1633 13th Light Dragoons
Godwin Private William 1746 4th Light Dragoons
Gogerty Private James 891 17th Lancers
Goodall Private George 1161 8th Hussars
Goodman Private Edward 1804 11th Hussars
Goodyear Private David 1593 13th Light Dragoons
Gordon Lieutenant William 17th Lancers
Gore, Ormsby-Gore Major William 13th Light Dragoons
Gore Booth Cornet Robert 4th Light Dragoons
Gorman Private James 1538 13th Light Dragoons
Gorman Private John 1253 17th Lancers
Gosbell, Goshall, Gotbell Private Joseph 1085 4th Light Dragoons
Gosling Private Joseph 1619 8th Hussars
Gough (alias Donoghue) Private Joseph 740 8th Hussars
Gould Private Henry 1206 4th Light Dragoons
Gow Private Robert 1870 4th Light Dragoons
Gower Private Thomas 1686 11th Hussars
Gower Private John 1844 13th Light Dragoons
Gowings Private George 1445 4th Light Dragoons
Graham ORC William 961 17th Lancers
Graham Private John 1255 17th Lancers
Grant Private James 1624 11th Hussars
Grant Private Robert 817 4th Light Dragoons
Grantham Private David 1486 11th Hussars
Gravenor Private John 1157 17th Lancers
Graves Private John 1626 13th Light Dragoons
Gray Private Charles 1413 4th Light Dragoons
Gray Private John 1485 4th Light Dragoons
Gray, Grey Private Henry 1058 17th Lancers
Gray, Grey Trmpt-Maj William 392 8th Hussars
Greatorex Private John 1057 13th Light Dragoons
Green Private George 1475 11th Hussars
Green Private Charles 1275 17th Lancers
Green Private William 1529 4th Light Dragoons
Green Private John 1259 13th Light Dragoons
Greening Private William 743 4th Light Dragoons
Greening Private George 1805 13th Light Dragoons
Gregory Private Edward 1824 11th Hussars
Gregory Private James 1417 4th Light Dragoons
Gregory Private Henry 1169 13th Light Dragoons
Grennan Private Edward 1425 4th Light Dragoons
Grey Vet Surgeon Edward Simpson 8th Hussars
Grice Private George 1747 11th Hussars
Griffiths Private Thomas 1301 13th Light Dragoons
Griffiths Private Henry 1355 8th Hussars
Grigg Private Joseph 1180 4th Light Dragoons
Grinstone Private William 1896 4th Light Dragoons
Groombridge Private William 1027 4th Light Dragoons
Groome Private Henry 1569 11th Hussars
Groves Private Herbert 1462 4th Light Dragoons
Groves Private Francis 1602 13th Light Dragoons
Guill Private Martin 525 8th Hussars
Gully H Sergeant Augustus 1353 13th Light Dragoons
Gumbrill Private Henry 1690 4th Light Dragoons
Gusterson Private James 1618 11th Hussars
Guthrie Private Thomas 1319 4th Light Dragoons
Gutteridge TSM George 1329 11th Hussars
Gutteridge Private Edwin 1656 11th Hussars
Gwinnell Private Reuben 1616 11th Hussars

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