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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Haas Trmptr William 1518 4th Light Dragoons
Hackett Private Martin 1031 8th Hussars
Haddaway Private William 1361 17th Lancers
Haddlesley Private John 1492 8th Hussars
Hadrell Private George 1170 8th Hussars
Haines, Haynes Private James 1855 13th Light Dragoons
Halkett Maj John 4th Light Dragoons
Hall [real name Thomas Irwin] Edward 13th Light Dragoons
Hall Private Henry 1643 13th Light Dragoons
Hall Corporal James 1051 17th Lancers
Hall Private James, Edward 1235 17th Lancers
Hall Private Joseph 1146 17th Lancers
Hall Private Martin 1513 8th Hussars
Hall Private Richard 1804 13th Light Dragoons
Hall Private Thomas 1861 4th Light Dragoons
Hallaway Private John 1580 4th Light Dragoons
Hallowell Private William 865 8th Hussars
Halmarak Private William 753 17th Lancers
Halpin Private James 937 8th Hussars
Halse Private George 1931 11th Hussars
Hamilton Private James 1322 8th Hussars
Hamilton Private John 1384 8th Hussars
Hamilton Private William 1422 8th Hussars
Hammond Private Henry 1764 11th Hussars
Hammond Private John 1079 4th Light Dragoons
Hampshire Private Charles 745 4th Light Dragoons
Hampson Private George 1310 11th Hussars
Hampton Corporal William 1082 11th Hussars
Hancox Private John 1245 4th Light Dragoons
Handford Sergeant Richard 1115 11th Hussars
Handley Private John 756 17th Lancers
Hands Sergeant Thomas 1537 13th Light Dragoons
Hanlon Private Christopher 1334 13th Light Dragoons
Hann Private Alfred 955 17th Lancers
Hanna Sergeant David 884 8th Hussars
Hanrahan Private Dennis 939 8th Hussars
Hanrahan Private Thomas 979 8th Hussars
Hanson Private Isaac 1005 13th Light Dragoons
Harding Private John 1382 13th Light Dragoons
Harding Private Robert 2034 13th Light Dragoons
Harding Private James 1232 17th Lancers
Harding RSM Robert 545 8th Hussars
Hardy Sdlr S Sergeant Thomas 382 8th Hussars
Harling Private Richard 1393 4th Light Dragoons
Harnett Lieutenant Edward 11th Hussars
Harper Private James 1102 8th Hussars
Harpham Private Jervis 1005 17th Lancers
Harpur Private Albert 1952 4th Light Dragoons
Harrington Private James 1040 17th Lancers
Harris Private Richard 884 13th Light Dragoons
Harris Private Amos 1346 13th Light Dragoons
Harris Private George 1745 13th Light Dragoons
Harris Private Robert 652 17th Lancers
Harris Private William 1159 8th Hussars
Harris Private William 1221 8th Hussars
Harris Private George 1268 8th Hussars
Harris Private George 1406 8th Hussars
Harrison Private Isaiah 1097 13th Light Dragoons
Harrison Private Stephen 1403 13th Light Dragoons
Harrison Private William 1131 17th Lancers
Harrison TSM Henry 370 8th Hussars
Harrison Private Joseph 692 8th Hussars
Harrison Private William 873 8th Hussars
Harrison Private Charles 1119 8th Hussars
Harrison Private Thomas 1389 11th Hussars
Harrold Trmptr Maj Thomas 675 4th Light Dragoons
Hart Private Walter 1143 17th Lancers
Hartley Private Charles 1160 8th Hussars
Hartropp Lieutenant John 17th Lancers
Harvey, Fletcher Private James 1433 11th Hussars
Haughton Private John 646 11th Hussars
Hawkes Private James 714 8th Hussars
Hawkins Private Robert 1232 8th Hussars
Haxhall Private Daniel 1536 4th Light Dragoons
Hayes Private George 1400 8th Hussars
Hayes Private Robert 1503 8th Hussars
Hayes, Hays Private John 1768 4th Light Dragoons
Haywood Private George 1860 11th Hussars
Haywood Private William 1648 4th Light Dragoons
Heacock Private Henry 1933 11th Hussars
Head Private George 1805 11th Hussars
Heald Private William 1758 4th Light Dragoons
Heathcote Private James 1780 4th Light Dragoons
Heaton Private Joseph 1790 13th Light Dragoons
Hefferon Private Thomas 1152 8th Hussars
Hefford Private Charles 1695 13th Light Dragoons
Heffron Trmptr James 1151 8th Hussars
Hellett Private Amos 1365 11th Hussars
Hely Pmstr Joseph 11th Hussars
Hely Hutchinson Captain John 13th Light Dragoons
Hemmett Private George 1272 8th Hussars
Hemmingway Private Jacob 657 13th Light Dragoons
Henderson Private Leon 1044 17th Lancers
Heneage Lieutenant Clement 8th Hussars
Hennon Private John 1712 11th Hussars
Henry Private John 1374 11th Hussars
Henry Private Nathan 1584 11th Hussars
Herbert TSM Frank 1134 4th Light Dragoons
Herbert Private Thomas 1205 4th Light Dragoons
Herbert Private James 1460 4th Light Dragoons
Herbert Private Edmund 793 8th Hussars
Hermitage Private Joseph 1068 8th Hussars
Heron, Herron Private Denis 1327 4th Light Dragoons
Heron, Herron Private Bartholomew 1432 13th Light Dragoons
Herriot Private John 1722 13th Light Dragoons
Herriott Private George 803 17th Lancers
Heslop Private Frank 1648 11th Hussars
Hewings Private Joseph 1891 4th Light Dragoons
Hewitt Sergeant Joseph 1082 8th Hussars
Hewitt Private Edward 1360 8th Hussars
Hewitt Private Lewis 1459 8th Hussars
Hewlett Private Edward 1610 13th Light Dragoons
Hibbard Private Richard 1025 4th Light Dragoons
Hibbert Private Joseph 1918 4th Light Dragoons
Hickey Private John 1379 4th Light Dragoons
Hickey Private Thomas 1490 8th Hussars
Higgins Private Robert 1860 4th Light Dragoons
Higgins Private Timothy 1377 8th Hussars
Higginson, Higgenson Private Richard 1802 13th Light Dragoons
Higginson, Higgenson Private Thomas 1225 13th Light Dragoons
Hill Private William 1766 11th Hussars
Hill Private Isaac 1836 11th Hussars
Hill Private Thomas 1038 17th Lancers
Hill Private William 1382 17th Lancers
Hill QM John 4th Light Dragoons
Hillier Private John 1794 13th Light Dragoons
Hilling Private Samuel 1517 4th Light Dragoons
Hillman Sergeant Henry 1644 4th Light Dragoons
Hillman Private Reuben 1316 8th Hussars
Hills Private William 1554 13th Light Dragoons
Hills Private William 1705 13th Light Dragoons
Hillyer, Hillier Private Charles 1292 17th Lancers
Hilton Private William 1831 4th Light Dragoons
Hind Private John 854 17th Lancers
Hindley Private Edward 1540 13th Light Dragoons
Hinson Private William 1369 4th Light Dragoons
Hinton Corporal Edward, Edwin 920 17th Lancers
Hirst, Hurst Private George 1744 4th Light Dragoons
Hitchcock Private James 1516 4th Light Dragoons
Hoar, Hoare Private Edward 1839 11th Hussars
Hoare Private Alfred 1245 8th Hussars
Hoarne Private George 1590 11th Hussars
Hobbs Private George 1445 17th Lancers
Hobson Private James 1553 8th Hussars
Hodder Private Joseph, James 1808 13th Light Dragoons
Hodder Private George 1282 8th Hussars
Hodges Private James 1550 11th Hussars
Hodges Private Charles 1913 11th Hussars
Hodges Private John 1396 4th Light Dragoons
Hogg Private Richard 1706 13th Light Dragoons
Hogan Private Martin 1250 13th Light Dragoons
Hogan Private David 1870 13th Light Dragoons
Hogan Private John 1006 8th Hussars
Holder Private Edward 1697 13th Light Dragoons
Holland Private Matthew 1543 11th Hussars
Holland Private Edward 1147 17th Lancers
Holland Private William 1504 4th Light Dragoons
Holland Private Richard 1531 4th Light Dragoons
Holland Sergeant Henry 1250 8th Hussars
Holliday Sergeant James 2080 4th Light Dragoons
Holliday Private Algernon 1365 13th Light Dragoons
Hollingdale Private Edward 1882 11th Hussars
Holmes Private Henry 1224 8th Hussars
Holmes Private Edwin 1410 8th Hussars
Holmes Private James 1674 11th Hussars
Holmes Private John 1683 11th Hussars
Holmes Private James 1583 13th Light Dragoons
Holston Corporal Samuel 1450 11th Hussars
Holt Private Joseph 1576 11th Hussars
Holt Private Robert 1816 11th Hussars
Holt Private James 1950 4th Light Dragoons
Holton Private George 1133 8th Hussars
Home Asst Surgeon Anthony 8th Hussars
Hook Private Alfred 1264 13th Light Dragoons
Hooper TSM Robert 1101 13th Light Dragoons
Hooper Private Charles 663 17th Lancers
Hope Private Henry 1614 11th Hussars
Hopgood Private Charles 1175 17th Lancers
Hopkins Private George 1380 17th Lancers
Horan Private Michael 581 8th Hussars
Horan Private Patrick 808 8th Hussars
Horn P Sergeant Phillip 977 11th Hussars
Horn Private Henry 1573 4th Light Dragoons
Horner Private John, Richard 1509 8th Hussars
Horrigan Private Daniel 769 8th Hussars
Horseman Private William 1434 11th Hussars
Horton Private John 1278 8th Hussars
Horton Private Benjamin 1780 11th Hussars
Hosker Private Henry 1567 13th Light Dragoons
Hosty Private Thomas 1610 8th Hussars
Houghton Lieutenant George 11th Hussars
Hourigan Sergeant Richard 2178 4th Light Dragoons
House Private Joseph 1266 17th Lancers
Houseden Private Alfred 1170 17th Lancers
Houston Arm Sergeant Charles 1533 4th Light Dragoons
Howard Private Henry 1225 8th Hussars
Howarth Trmptr William 669 13th Light Dragoons
Howarth Private Henry 1425 17th Lancers
Howarth Private Henry 1469 8th Hussars
Howdle Private Charles 1234 8th Hussars
Howells Private E. 1519 4th Light Dragoons
Howes Sergeant John 1274 4th Light Dragoons
Howson Private Patrick 1329 13th Light Dragoons
Huckell Private George 1428 4th Light Dragoons
Hudson Corporal Edward 1142 11th Hussars
Hudson Private Arthur 1887 13th Light Dragoons
Huffer Private James 1134 8th Hussars
Hufton Private Joseph 1536 11th Hussars
Huggard Private Richard 914 8th Hussars
Hughes Private John 1584 4th Light Dragoons
Hughes Private Henry 1262 13th Light Dragoons
Hughes Private Edwin 1506 13th Light Dragoons
Hughes PC Thomas 385 17th Lancers
Hughes Private James 905 17th Lancers
Hughes Private John 1532 8th Hussars
Hull Private Clement 1142 17th Lancers
Hulseberg Asst Surgeon John 8th Hussars
Hulton Private Thomas 1458 4th Light Dragoons
Hume Sergeant John 1192 11th Hussars
Humphries Private William 1493 11th Hussars
Humphries Private John 1235 4th Light Dragoons
Hunniball Private Joseph 1071 4th Light Dragoons
Hunscott Private Samuel 944 17th Lancers
Hunt Cornet George 4th Light Dragoons
Hunt Private Henry 1009 4th Light Dragoons
Hunt Private Edward 1652 4th Light Dragoons
Hunt Sergeant Edward 1195 13th Light Dragoons
Hunt Private Henry 1495 13th Light Dragoons
Hunt Private Henry 1533 13th Light Dragoons
Hunt Private Samuel 1279 8th Hussars
Hunter Surgeon Thomas 4th Light Dragoons
Hunter Private William 1381 8th Hussars
Huntley Farrier John 1154 4th Light Dragoons
Hurley Private James 1273 13th Light Dragoons
Hurst Private Thomas 1121 8th Hussars
Hutchinson Private Henry 1712 13th Light Dragoons
Hutchinson, see Hely Hutchinson Captain John 13th Light Dragoons
Hutton Captain Thomas 4th Light Dragoons
Hyde Private Walter 1601 11th Hussars
Hyde Private Frederick 1629 13th Light Dragoons
Hyde Private Moses 1469 17th Lancers
Hynes Private Bartholomew 1256 13th Light Dragoons

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