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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Kaller Private John 1584 13th Light Dragoons
Kauntze QM Henry 11th Hussars
Kavanagh Corporal James 883 8th Hussars
Kay Private James 1416 13th Light Dragoons
Kearnes Private William 1049 8th Hussars
Kearney Private Christopher 1326 13th Light Dragoons
Kearney Private Robert 1108 8th Hussars
Keates Trmptr John 914 11th Hussars
Keates Private George 1589 11th Hussars
Keating Private Thomas 815 13th Light Dragoons
Keating Private Michael 802 8th Hussars
Keating Private Matthew 1051 8th Hussars
Keegan Private Henry 1446 4th Light Dragoons
Keeley Private John 1363 13th Light Dragoons
Keen Private Joseph 1522 13th Light Dragoons
Keen Private John 1529 13th Light Dragoons
Keenan Private William 1426 4th Light Dragoons
Keith Lieutenant Charles 4th Light Dragoons
Kellehar Private Patrick 961 8th Hussars
Kelleher Private Cornelius 969 8th Hussars
Kelly Private Henry 1733 13th Light Dragoons
Kelly Private Edward 571 17th Lancers
Kelly TSM James 1229 4th Light Dragoons
Kelly Private John 1454 4th Light Dragoons
Kelly Private James 920 8th Hussars
Kelly Private Michael 1021 8th Hussars
Kelly Private Thomas 1120 8th Hussars
Kelly Private James 1613 11th Hussars
Kendall Surgeon Henry 4th Light Dragoons
Kendricks Private Joseph 1475 4th Light Dragoons
Kennedy Private Matthew 1505 13th Light Dragoons
Kennedy Private Stephen 566 17th Lancers
Kennedy Private James 962 17th Lancers
Kennedy Private Michael 970 17th Lancers
Kennedy Private Richard 1007 8th Hussars
Kennedy Private George 1452 8th Hussars
Kenny Private Michael 1361 8th Hussars
Kent Private Henry 1005 11th Hussars
Kent Private Joseph 1663 4th Light Dragoons
Kershaw Private Thomas 1740 4th Light Dragoons
Key Private James 1623 11th Hussars
Kidby Trmptr Charles 797 17th Lancers
Kilmurray Corporal Patrick 1277 13th Light Dragoons
Kilvert Corporal John 1513 11th Hussars
Kimble Private Thomas 1493 13th Light Dragoons
Kincart Private James 1473 13th Light Dragoons
King Lieutenant Edward 13th Light Dragoons
King Lieutenant William 17th Lancers
King Cornet William 4th Light Dragoons
King Private Benjamin 754 4th Light Dragoons
King Private Thomas 1509 4th Light Dragoons
King Private Charles 1610 4th Light Dragoons
King Private Henry 1663 8th Hussars
King Private John 1658 11th Hussars
King Private Horace 1661 11th Hussars
Kinsella Private Richard 1115 8th Hussars
Kirby Private Henry 967 13th Light Dragoons
Kirby Private Henry 1067 17th Lancers
Kirk Private William 842 17th Lancers
Kirk Private Joseph 1986 4th Light Dragoons
Kirk Private George 1162 8th Hussars
Kisby Private Robert 1217 17th Lancers
Kitchell Private William 1138 17th Lancers
Kitterick Private Patrick 1130 8th Hussars
Kneller Private Frederick 1485 13th Light Dragoons
Knight Private William 961 11th Hussars
Knight Private William 1871 13th Light Dragoons
Knight Lieutenant Lewis 17th Lancers
Knight Private Samuel 1366 17th Lancers
Knight Private Stephen 1626 4th Light Dragoons
Knight Private John 1569 8th Hussars
Knights Trmptr William 774 8th Hussars
Knowles Farr William 1501 4th Light Dragoons

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