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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Labbett Private Richard 1202 4th Light Dragoons
Laidlaw Private George 1792 11th Hussars
Lakin Private George 1714 13th Light Dragoons
Lamb Private James 1406 13th Light Dragoons
Lambert Private John 1356 8th Hussars
Lambert Private Edwin 1507 8th Hussars
Land Private Henry 1373 13th Light Dragoons
Lane Private Joseph 1502 13th Light Dragoons
Lane Private Herbert 1185 17th Lancers
Lane QM Henry 8th Hussars
Lanfried, Landfried Trmptr Martin 986 17th Lancers
Lang Private Henry 1270 4th Light Dragoons
Langford Private George 1704 13th Light Dragoons
Langley Private William 1487 4th Light Dragoons
Langton Private Thomas 1027 8th Hussars
Lark Private Thomas 1110 17th Lancers
Larkin Private James 1270 11th Hussars
Larter Private Daniel 1102 13th Light Dragoons
Latchford Private Joseph 1996 4th Light Dragoons
Latham Private Edward 1487 17th Lancers
Latter Private Edward 912 11th Hussars
Lauder Private David 1421 4th Light Dragoons
Lavery Private John 932 17th Lancers
Lavin Private Robert 1389 8th Hussars
Law Private Richard 679 8th Hussars
Lawes Private Henry 1457 11th Hussars
Lawrence Private Henry 1679 4th Light Dragoons
Lawrence Private William 827 13th Light Dragoons
Lawrence Private Henry 1230 8th Hussars
Lawrenson Col John 17th Lancers
Lawson Sergeant John 1415 11th Hussars
Lawson Private Robert 1497 11th Hussars
Lawson Private William 1041 13th Light Dragoons
Lawton Private Peter 1738 4th Light Dragoons
Lay Sergeant James 1237 4th Light Dragoons
Layzell Private Robert 1335 11th Hussars
Lazenby Sergeant Richard 1135 11th Hussars
Leach Private Samuel 1757 4th Light Dragoons
Leach Private Thomas 1771 4th Light Dragoons
Leagoe Private Thomas 1552 13th Light Dragoons
Leaney Sergeant Edwin 648 13th Light Dragoons
Learey Private James 493 8th Hussars
Learmonth Captain Alexander 17th Lancers
Leary Private Timothy 1746 13th Light Dragoons
Lee Private Charles 1653 13th Light Dragoons
Lee Private Henry 1680 13th Light Dragoons
Lee Private Edward 1683 13th Light Dragoons
Lee Private Francis 1152 17th Lancers
Lee Private Frederick 1228 17th Lancers
Lee Private Edward 922 8th Hussars
Leek Private Edward 1461 8th Hussars
Lees Private John 841 17th Lancers
Lees Private Henry 1474 4th Light Dragoons
Lehane Private Michael 1423 8th Hussars
Leighton Private Christopher 1516 17th Lancers
Leitch Corporal William 1467 4th Light Dragoons
Lenagan Private John 1323 8th Hussars
Lennard Private James 1490 17th Lancers
Lennon Private Martin 942 8th Hussars
Lester Private Thomas 1257 17th Lancers
Levett Private Robert 1260 11th Hussars
Levick Private John 1253 8th Hussars
Lewis Private Alfred 1302 17th Lancers
Lewis Private Thomas 1206 8th Hussars
Lewis Private William 1844 13th Light Dragoons
Lewry Private Moses 1260 17th Lancers
Lidgold Sergeant Henry 1635 4th Light Dragoons
Lidiard Private Thomas 1387 17th Lancers
Light Private William 1254 4th Light Dragoons
Liles George 1197 17th Lancers
Lilley Private Henry 1284 17th Lancers
Lindfield Private George 1716 13th Light Dragoons
Lindforth Private John 1602 8th Hussars
Lindley Private William 1736 13th Light Dragoons
Lines Private Luke 1291 17th Lancers
Ling Private Robert 1136 17th Lancers
Linkon, Lincoln TSM John 762 13th Light Dragoons
Linser Private George 1589 4th Light Dragoons
Lister Private John 1401 17th Lancers
Lite Private Thomas 1392 17th Lancers
Little Corporal Patrick 1572 4th Light Dragoons
Littlechild Private William 1246 17th Lancers
Littlecot Private William 1154 17th Lancers
Livingstone Private Thomas 1765 13th Light Dragoons
Lloyd Private Thomas 1325 8th Hussars
Lloyd Private Sermon 1722 11th Hussars
Lockwood Surgeon Augustus 8th Hussars
Lockwood Captain George 8th Hussars
Lodge Private Martin 712 13th Light Dragoons
Loftus Private Edward 389 17th Lancers
Lomas Private Edward 1743 4th Light Dragoons
Lonergan Private Thomas 1525 17th Lancers
Long Private Robert 1934 11th Hussars
Long Corporal Matthew 1123 13th Light Dragoons
Longhurst Private Joseph 1130 17th Lancers
Longmore Captain Charles 8th Hussars
Lovatt Private William 1226 11th Hussars
Loveland Private Henry 1932 11th Hussars
Lovelock Trmptr Thomas 1247 4th Light Dragoons
Lovell / real name of Private George Wilson Private Raphael Charles 1553 13th Light Dragoons
Lowe Lieutenant Drury 17th Lancers
Low Captain Alexander 4th Light Dragoons
Lowing Private James 1188 13th Light Dragoons
Lowthorpe Private Robert 1140 13th Light Dragoons
Lucas Private Thomas 1540 4th Light Dragoons
Lucas Private James 1139 13th Light Dragoons
Lucas Private Richard 1594 8th Hussars
Ludbrooke Private John 1769 13th Light Dragoons
Lund Private William 1490 4th Light Dragoons
Lutman Private William 1216 17th Lancers
Lymbrey Private John 1462 4th Light Dragoons
Lynch Sergeant Richard 988 4th Light Dragoons
Lynch P Sergeant James 989 8th Hussars
Lynham Private James 959 8th Hussars
Lynn Private Lewis 1266 17th Lancers
Lyons Private James 1764 4th Light Dragoons

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