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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
MacIntosh Private Thomas 1222 13th Light Dragoons
MacNeill Lieutenant Robert 13th Light Dragoons
Macartney Captain John 17th Lancers
Macaulay Sergeant John 812 8th Hussars
Macaulay / Macauley Private Charles 1057 8th Hussars
Mackie Private Edward 1646 4th Light Dragoons
Maclean Cornet Fitzroy 13th Light Dragoons
Macnaghton Lt Francis 8th Hussars
Madden Private Richard 342 17th Lancers
Maddin Private Daniel 1717 11th Hussars
Magee Private Thomas 934 17th Lancers
Mahoney Sergeant Daniel 1319 13th Light Dragoons
Mahoney Private Michael 1066 8th Hussars
Malanfy Private James 1276 13th Light Dragoons
Mallalieu Private Edwin 1642 11th Hussars
Malone Corporal Joseph 1440 13th Light Dragoons
Maloney Private Martin 1663 13th Light Dragoons
Maltby Private Charles 1585 13th Light Dragoons
Malthouse Private Frederick 1657 4th Light Dragoons
Maneeley Private John 1459 13th Light Dragoons
Mann Private James 943 17th Lancers
Mannerson Private Frederick 1833 11th Hussars
Manning Private Isaac 1367 13th Light Dragoons
Manning Private George 1116 17th Lancers
Mansell Private George 1106 17th Lancers
Marchant Private James 1354 8th Hussars
Markland Private William 1649 11th Hussars
Marks Private Robert 1623 13th Light Dragoons
Marlie Private William 1171 17th Lancers
Marney Private John 1784 13th Light Dragoons
Marsh Private Peter 1025 17th Lancers
Marsh Private Edward 1124 8th Hussars
Marshall Private George 1660 11th Hussars
Marshall Private Thomas 1010 17th Lancers
Marshall Private James 1213 17th Lancers
Marshall Lt John 4th Light Dragoons
Marshall Private Charles 1128 4th Light Dragoons
Marshall Private George 1624 4th Light Dragoons
Marshman Private Benjamin 1207 13th Light Dragoons
Marshman Private Thomas 882 4th Light Dragoons
Martin Private Alfred 1562 4th Light Dragoons
Martin Private Charles 1192 17th Lancers
Martin Sergeant Edward 1208 13th Light Dragoons
Martin Cornet Fiennes 4th Light Dragoons
Martin Private George 1023 11th Hussars
Martin Private Henry 1139 17th Lancers
Martin Private Thomas 731 8th Hussars
Martin Private John 992 8th Hussars
Martin Private Robert 1337 11th Hussars
Martin Private William 1299 8th Hussars
Martin Private William 1338 11th Hussars
Martin Private William 1667 11th Hussars
Martin Private William 1068 13th Light Dragoons
Martin Private William 1304 13th Light Dragoons
Martin Private William 1536 13th Light Dragoons
Martindale Private Henry 1254 8th Hussars
Mason Private John 1579 13th Light Dragoons
Mason Private Thomas 1015 17th Lancers
Masser Private John 1255 11th Hussars
Massey Surg Hampden 17th Lancers
Mather, Mathey Private James 1833 4th Light Dragoons
Matthewman Private Joseph 1533 8th Hussars
Matthews Private George 1605 11th Hussars
Matthews Private James 1689 4th Light Dragoons
Matthews Private William 1800 4th Light Dragoons
Matthews Private Joseph 1289 13th Light Dragoons
Matthews Private Phelix 991 17th Lancers
Matthews Private Bryant 1094 17th Lancers
Matthews Corporal Joseph 1326 8th Hussars
Maughan Private William 1506 8th Hussars
Maule Private George 1602 11th Hussars
Maxse Lt Henry Brigade staff
Maxwell Private Michael 1748 13th Light Dragoons
May Private George 1555 11th Hussars
Mayes Private Thomas 1303 8th Hussars
Mayhew Private James 1153 13th Light Dragoons
Mayow Lt Col George Brigade staff
McAllister Private James 997 17th Lancers
McBride Private John 1443 17th Lancers
McBrine Trmptr Thomas 1339 13th Light Dragoons
McBrine Private John 1418 13th Light Dragoons
McCabe Private Michael 639 17th Lancers
McCann Private John 1341 13th Light Dragoons
McCarten Private John 1756 11th Hussars
McCarter Private Isaac 1297 8th Hussars
McCausland Private John 1114 8th Hussars
McClellan [CHECK = Ferguson McLellan? Private Fergus 1821 11th Hussars
McClew, MacClew Private Frederick 1708 11th Hussars
McCluer TSM Harry 859 8th Hussars
McCraw Private Frederick 1743 13th Light Dragoons
McCue Private James 1457 8th Hussars
McCue Private James 1460 8th Hussars
McDonald Private Edward 1272 8th Hussars
McDonald Private Francis 1301 4th Light Dragoons
McDonald Private James 1059 11th Hussars
McDonald Private Michael 913 8th Hussars
McDonald Private Thomas 1838 4th Light Dragoons
McDonough Private John 916 8th Hussars
McElroy Corporal George 1395 13th Light Dragoons
McElroy Private William 1489 13th Light Dragoons
McElroy Corporal Charles 1273 8th Hussars
McEvoy Private Patrick 463 8th Hussars
McEwan Private Thomas 1672 11th Hussars
McFadzean Private James 1430 13th Light Dragoons
McGeorge Private John 1385 11th Hussars
McGorrine Private Thomas 1332 13th Light Dragoons
McGrath Private Martin 925 17th Lancers
McGrath Private John 1354 8th Hussars
McGregor Private George 1382 4th Light Dragoons
McGuighan Private John 1667 8th Hussars
McHeath Private Wallace 1598 11th Hussars
McInnes Private David 1425 13th Light Dragoons
McKay Private DonaLight Dragoons 1780 13th Light Dragoons
McKenna Private William 941 17th Lancers
McKim / McKimm Corporal Graham 1397 13th Light Dragoons
McKimm Private Robert 1356 13th Light Dragoons
McLaughlin Private Michael 4th Light Dragoons
McLean Private Peter 573 8th Hussars
McLellan Private Ferguson 1821 11th Hussars
McMasters Private William 1306 8th Hussars
McNabb Private Alexander 379 17th Lancers
McNally Private Thomas 1272 13th Light Dragoons
McNamara Corporal James 1075 11th Hussars
McNeff Sergeant James 630 8th Hussars
McNeil Private James 1339 4th Light Dragoons
McNeil Private Thomas 1683 4th Light Dragoons
McNeill Private David 684 17th Lancers
McNeill Private Robert 901 17th Lancers
McNulty Private John 1269 11th Hussars
McVeagh H Sergeant John 906 4th Light Dragoons
Meade Private James 1000 8th Hussars
Meakin Private John 1771 13th Light Dragoons
Meally Private Thomas 1297 4th Light Dragoons
Medders Private Frederick 1436 4th Light Dragoons
Meddows Private George 1402 8th Hussars
Medway Private Henry 1355 17th Lancers
Meillior Private Michael 1754 8th Hussars
Melrose Private Frederick 975 17th Lancers
Mendham Private Youngs 1654 13th Light Dragoons
Mepham Private John 1571 4th Light Dragoons
Meyer Private John 1590 13th Light Dragoons
Michael RSM Francis 1210 13th Light Dragoons
Middleton Private Isaac 1422 11th Hussars
Milburn, Milburne Private Silvester 741 11th Hussars
Mileson Private William 1668 11th Hussars
Miller Private James 1087 8th Hussars
Miller Private George 1220 8th Hussars
Miller Captain James 11th Hussars
Miller Asst Surgeon Ormsby 11th Hussars
Miller Private William 1783 11th Hussars
Millington Private James 1633 4th Light Dragoons
Millington Private John 1664 13th Light Dragoons
Millington Private Thomas 1308 8th Hussars
Mills Private George 1274 8th Hussars
Milne Corporal Charles 727 8th Hussars
Milner Private Charles 1460 11th Hussars
Minshull Private William 1229 8th Hussars
Misler Private Wheatley 1305 4th Light Dragoons
Mitchell Private Albert 1401 13th Light Dragoons
Mitchell Private Thomas 1678 13th Light Dragoons
Mitchell Private Henry 1563 17th Lancers
Mitchley Private Edward 1569 13th Light Dragoons
Mitton Private Charles 881 17th Lancers
Mock Private William 1266 8th Hussars
Molloy Sergeant Luke 489 11th Hussars
Moloney Private James 1457 4th Light Dragoons
Moloney Private William 1389 13th Light Dragoons
Molyneux Captain Charlie, Charles 4th Light Dragoons
Monaghan Private Peter 689 17th Lancers
Moneypenny Private Robert 934 8th Hussars
Montgomery Cornet Hugh 13th Light Dragoons
Montrose Corporal Henry 1263 8th Hussars
Moody Private James 1820 11th Hussars
Moody Private Henry 1094 4th Light Dragoons
Moody Private W. 1808 4th Light Dragoons
Moody Private Thomas 1517 13th Light Dragoons
Moon Private John 1007 4th Light Dragoons
Mooney Private Nicholas 1125 8th Hussars
Mooney, Goss Private Edward 1754 4th Light Dragoons
Moore Private George 1899 11th Hussars
Moore Private William 1964 11th Hussars
Moore Private James 1486 17th Lancers
Moore Private John 855 4th Light Dragoons
Moore Private John 1702 4th Light Dragoons
Moore Private Jeremiah, Frederick 1818 4th Light Dragoons
Moore Private Joseph 1224 13th Light Dragoons
Moorhouse Private Thomas 1799 4th Light Dragoons
Moore Private William 1823 11th Hussars
Moran Private Thomas 1165 17th Lancers
Moreham Private ArchibaLight Dragoons 1639 13th Light Dragoons
Moreton Private William 1662 4th Light Dragoons
Moreton Private Wright 1671 8th Hussars
Morgan Private Charles 988 17th Lancers
Morgan Cpt Godfrey 17th Lancers
Morgan Private William 1777 13th Light Dragoons
Morley Private James 1817 11th Hussars
Morley Corporal Thomas 1004 17th Lancers
Morris Private George 1136 8th Hussars
Morris Private James 1056 13th Light Dragoons
Morris Private John 1687 4th Light Dragoons
Morris Private William 1255 8th Hussars
Morris Captain William 17th Lancers
Morrissey Sergeant Patrick 1248 13th Light Dragoons
Mortimer Private John 938 8th Hussars
Mortlock Private Thomas 1624 13th Light Dragoons
Mountain Private Ephraim 634 13th Light Dragoons
Mudge Private Charles 947 17th Lancers
Muffitt Private John 1097 8th Hussars
Mugg Private Henry 1085 17th Lancers
Muir Private Thomas 1393 11th Hussars
Mulcahey Sergeant John 1230 13th Light Dragoons
Mullins Private Andrew 967 8th Hussars
Mullins / Mullings Private Thomas 1095 17th Lancers
Mullumby Private John 994 8th Hussars
Munday / Mundy Private Alfred 1901 11th Hussars
Mundy Sergeant Thomas 1124 11th Hussars
Murdoch Private John 1408 8th Hussars
Murphy Private John 1779 11th Hussars
Murphy Private John 1045 13th Light Dragoons
Murphy Private Lawrence 1687 13th Light Dragoons
Murphy Private Philip 690 17th Lancers
Murphy Private Simon 1516 8th Hussars
Murray Corporal John 1317 13th Light Dragoons
Murray Corporal Robert 1083 8th Hussars
Murrow Private Henry 1117 11th Hussars
Mussenden Cornet William 8th Hussars
Mustard Private James 1149 17th Lancers
Myall Private John 1620 4th Light Dragoons
Myers Private John 1409 11th Hussars

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