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1833, Private John NEWELL — 13th Light Dragoons

Birth & early life

Born at Beckenham, near Bromley, Kent c.1835.


He had previously served in the West Kent Light Infantry (Militia) from 27th of October 1852, but was released "in order to enlist into the 13th L.D." at Maidstone on the 12th of January 1855.

Age: 20.

Height: 5' 9".

Trade: Labourer.

Appearance: Fair complexion. Hazel eyes. Lt. brown hair.


Joined the regiment in the Crimea on the 3rd of August 1855.

Tried by a District Court-martial for "drunkenness" on the 26th of October 1855 and awarded 50 lashes, of which 15 were remitted. Imprisoned to the 30th of October 1855.

Transferred to the 2nd Battalion of the Military Train on the 1st of December 1856, with the Regimental No. 951. Served with the force under the command of H.E. the Commander-in-Chief at Lucknow and with that under Sir James Outram at Alum Bagh.

Awaiting trial for "Possession of stolen property", 2nd — 4th of June 1857. Imprisoned by Regimental Court-martial, 5th of June — 16th of August 1857.

Awaiting trial for "an unfounded complaint", 13th — 14th of June 1861. Imprisoned by Regimental Court-martial, 14th of June — 16th of August 1861.

Awaiting trial for "drunkenness and disgraceful conduct," and imprisoned by Regimental Court-martial, 23rd of January — 14th of May 1866.

Awaiting trial for "drunkenness", 16th — 18th of February and imprisoned by Regimental Court-martial, 19th — 20th of February 1869.

Awaiting trial for "drunkenness", 26th of October — 1st of November. Tried by Regimental Court-martial and imprisoned, 2nd of November 1863 — 25th of January 1864.

Awaiting trial for "drunkenness", 22nd — 26th of October. Imprisoned by Regimental Court-martial, 27th October — 23rd of December 1865.

Re-engaged at Woolwich for a further 12 years' service on the 15th of February 1867.

Transferred to the A.S.C. (Transport Branch) on the 21st of February 1870.

Discharge & pension

Discharged from Woolwich on the 12th of June 1877, at "Own request, after 21 years' service."

Served 21 years 70 days.

In Turkey and the Crimea: 11 months.

India: 2 years 6 months.

"Conduct has been 'Bad' — addicted to drink, but a clean soldier and respectful to his officers and has proved himself a gallant soldier in the field."

Not in possession of any Good Conduct badges.

Thirty-nine times entered in the Regimental Defaulter's book. Seven times tried by Court-martial. (See above)


Entitled to the Crimean medal with clasp for Sebastopol and the Turkish medal.

Mutiny medal with clasps for Lucknow and the Relief of Lucknow.

Documents confirm the award of the Crimean medal with clasp for Sebastopol, Turkish Medal and the Mutiny medal with clasps for Lucknow and the Relief of Lucknow.


Life after service

Became a coachman at Lambeth Workhouse, Surrey, after his discharge from the Army, but was only employed there from the 4th of July 1877 to the 23rd of April 1878.

1881 Census

Laurel Grove, Heath Square, Penge, Surrey.

A "John Newell" is shown, aged 46, a Labourer, born Beckenham, Kent, with his wife Mary Ann, born Oxford, and their two daughters, Lillian, aged 7, and Phillis, aged 2. [RM]

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