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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Nach Private John 1288 8th Hussars
Nagle Sergeant Benjamin 1315 13th Light Dragoons
Nally Private Thomas 943 8th Hussars
Nash Private Thomas 1825 11th Hussars
Nash Private David 1245 13th Light Dragoons
Naylis / Naylor Private James 1504 8th Hussars
Naylor Private Henry 1460 13th Light Dragoons
Naylor Private James 697 13th Light Dragoons
Naylor Captain James Sadler 8th Hussars
Naylor, Nailor Private George 1991 11th Hussars
Neal Corporal James 1185 8th Hussars
Neil Private Thomas 1424 4th Light Dragoons
Neille Private Edward 985 8th Hussars
Nevard Private William 1274 17th Lancers
New Private Charles 1812 13th Light Dragoons
Newall Private Edward 543 8th Hussars
Newbrey / Newberry Private George 1104 4th Light Dragoons
Newbury Private Richard 1930 11th Hussars
Newell Private John 1833 13th Light Dragoons
Newell Private Henry 1263 17th Lancers
Newitt Private William 1261 8th Hussars
Newman Private Owen 1204 13th Light Dragoons
Newman Private Frederick 817 17th Lancers
Newman Private Robert 1268 17th Lancers
Newman Private Jeremiah 1365 8th Hussars
Newman Private Joseph 1599 8th Hussars
Newman Private Charles 1505 11th Hussars
Newton Private Joseph 1731 4th Light Dragoons
Newton Private Samuel 1728 4th Light Dragoons
Nichol Private Robert 1077 8th Hussars
Nicholas Private Samuel 765 8th Hussars
Nicholson Private William 1378 13th Light Dragoons
Nicholson Private John 1026 17th Lancers
Nicklas Private Henry 1176 17th Lancers
Nightingale Private George 1595 11th Hussars
Noble Private George 936 17th Lancers
Nolan Private James 1435 8th Hussars
Nolan Capt Louis Brigade Staff
Nolan Private Patrick 1410 17th Lancers
Noon Private Patrick 1607 8th Hussars
Normoyle Private James 918 4th Light Dragoons
Norris Private Richard 1791 4th Light Dragoons
Northcott TSM Charles 1132 13th Light Dragoons
Norton Private Henry 1594 11th Hussars
Notley Private William 1438 13th Light Dragoons
Nowlan Private Michael 715 17th Lancers
Nunn Private Edward 1743 11th Hussars
Nunnerley Corporal James 870 17th Lancers
Nye Private James 624 8th Hussars

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