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Surgeon Joshua PAYNTER — 13th Light Dragoons

Birth & early life

Born on the 12th of February 1814.


Assistant Surgeon (Staff): 7th of January 1839.

Assistant Surgeon in the 60th Rifles: 11th of January 1839.

Assistant Surgeon in the Rifle Brigade: 6th of October 1840.

Surgeon in the 73rd Regiment: 11th of February 1848.

Surgeon in the 48th Regiment: 6th of October 1848.

On the 30th of May 1849, at St. Michael's, Chester Square, London, he married Marianne, the daughter of Edward Snell, Esq.

Marriage registered

Joshua Paynter to Marianne Snell, June Quarter 1849, St George's Hanover Sq.

Surgeon in the 13th Light Dragoons: 16th of August 1850.

1851 Census

Piershill Barracks, Midlothian.

Joshua Paynter, aged 37, Officer Surgeon, Army, 13th Light Dragoons, born Pembroke.

Marianne Paynter, 30, London.

Mary Paynter, 1, Dublin.

Surgeon-Major (Staff), 13th Light Dragoons: 9th of February 1855.

On to half-pay: 31st of July 1857.

Restored to full-pay: 9th of April 1858.

Deputy-Inspector-General (at Devonport): 31st of December 1858.

Inspector-General (at Malta): 4th of September 1867.

Retired, and on to half-pay: 19th of October 1872.

Campaign service

Joshua Paynter served with the Rifle Brigade in the Kaffir War of 1846-47. (Medal.) He also served throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-455 and was present as a Surgeon in the 13th Light Dragoons at the affair of the Bulganak, battles of the Alma, Balaclava and Inkerman and as 1st Class Surgeon to the 4th and 5th Divisions during the Siege and fall of Sebastopol; also accompanied the Expedition to Kertch. (Medal and four Clasps, the Turkish medal and the 5th Class Order of the Medjidie.

Served also in Malta, 1840-43, Corfu, 1843-46, and at the Cape of Good Hope, 1846-48.

Medals & commemorations

Entitled to the Crimean medal with clasps for Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman and Sebastopol, the Turkish Medal and the Order of the Medjidie, 5th Class. He was also awarded the South Africa Medal, 1845-53. Appointed a C.B. on the 20th of May 1871.

Life after service

Lived at Pembroke Lodge, Bay's Hill, Cheltenham and Pevally's, near Tenby.

1881 Census

2 Main Street, Pembroke.

Joshua Paynter, 67, Inspector General of Army, born Pembroke.

Marianne Paynter, 59, London.

Two servants are also shown.

Death & burial

Died at 7, The Croft, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, on the 19th of June 1883.

Death registered

Joshua Paynter, aged 69, September Quarter 1883, Pembroke.

In his will he left his estate of £3,706/6/10d to his widow, Marrianne.

Further information

1891 Census

7, Croft Terrace, Tenby.

Marianne Paynter, 70, Living on own means, London.

Two servants are also shown.

1901 Census

7 Croft Terrace, Tenby.

Maryanne [sic] Paynter, 80, widow, born London.

Two servants are also shown.

Death registered

Marianne Paynter [wife], aged 86, March Quarter 1907, born Pembroke.

References & acknowledgements

Additional Census information for 1851 and 1881-1901, and birth, marriage and death registrations, kindly provided by Chris Poole.

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