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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Race Private Charles 1374 13th Light Dragoons
Radford Private George 1765 11th Hussars
Radnage Private William 1667 4th Light Dragoons
Rafferty Private Patrick 980 17th Lancers
Rafter Private Edward 1665 4th Light Dragoons
Rafter Private Thomas 1438 8th Hussars
Ragge Private William 932 11th Hussars
Ramsay, Ramsey Private Gordon [David or Duberry?] 1029 17th Lancers
Randall Private Charles 1848 11th Hussars
Randall Private Walter 1830 11th Hussars
Randall Private William 1811 11th Hussars
Randall Private Charles 1062 17th Lancers
Ranson TSM Abraham 493 17th Lancers
Rashley Private William 1826 13th Light Dragoons
Ratcliffe Private John, Charles 681 17th Lancers
Rattigan Sergeant James 1372 8th Hussars
Rawlings Private George 1400 17th Lancers
Rawlins, Rawlings Private James 1265 8th Hussars
Rayment Private Henry 1188 17th Lancers
Read Private Phillip 1198 13th Light Dragoons
Read Private John 1204 17th Lancers
Reardon Private John 1244 13th Light Dragoons
Redding Sergeant Edward 1251 4th Light Dragoons
Reding Private Joseph 1672 4th Light Dragoons
Reece Private William 1699 4th Light Dragoons
Reed Private John 1628 4th Light Dragoons
Reilly Private Joseph 815 17th Lancers
Reilly RSM John 1398 4th Light Dragoons
Reilly Sergeant Edward 619 8th Hussars
Reilly Private James 867 8th Hussars
Reilly Private John 868 8th Hussars
Reilly Sergeant Michael 917 8th Hussars
Rendall Private John 1602 4th Light Dragoons
Rennie Private John 1439 13th Light Dragoons
Reynolds Private John 912 8th Hussars
Rhodes Private Joseph 694 13th Light Dragoons
Rhys Private William 1498 11th Hussars
Richardson Private James 1336 8th Hussars
Richardson Private John 1443 11th Hussars
Richardson Private John 1527 11th Hussars
Richardson Private John 1567 11th Hussars
Rickards Private William 1200 17th Lancers
Rickman Private James 1065 4th Light Dragoons
Ridge Private Robert, George 1125 17th Lancers
Rigby Private Richard 761 11th Hussars
Rigby Private James 1670 4th Light Dragoons
Rigg Private Christopher 1480 17th Lancers
Riley Private William 1639 11th Hussars
Riordan Private Patrick 1352 4th Light Dragoons
Rivers Private George 1146 8th Hussars
Roberts Private William 1484 4th Light Dragoons
Roberts Private Thomas 1286 13th Light Dragoons
Roberts Private William 1172 17th Lancers
Roberts Private George 1302 8th Hussars
Roberts Private Thomas 1198 11th Hussars
Robertson Private George 1541 13th Light Dragoons
Robertson Private John 1710 13th Light Dragoons
Robertson Private Thomas 1757 13th Light Dragoons
Robinson Private Adolphus 926 8th Hussars
Robinson Arm Sergeant Charles 1492 11th Hussars
Robinson Private George 1025 11th Hussars
Robinson Private Thomas 1600 11th Hussars
Robinson Private Charles 451 13th Light Dragoons
Robinson Corporal John 1449 13th Light Dragoons
Robinson Private Frederick 985 17th Lancers
Robinson Private George 1305 4th Light Dragoons
Robinson Private William 828 4th Light Dragoons
Robinson Private William 1596 4th Light Dragoons
Roche Private William 1131 13th Light Dragoons
Rogers Private Robert 1681 13th Light Dragoons
Rogers Private Charles 1859 11th Hussars
Rogers Private Henry 1868 11th Hussars
Rogers Private John 1301 17th Lancers
Rogers Private Thomas 986 4th Light Dragoons
Rolls Private Frederick 1668 13th Light Dragoons
Rooke Private George 1935 11th Hussars
Rose Private William 1136 13th Light Dragoons
Ross Private Joseph 1222 8th Hussars
Round Private Frederick 1706 4th Light Dragoons
Rowe Farr-Maj John 1124 4th Light Dragoons
Rowland Private Charles 1669 11th Hussars
Rowley Private William 1825 4th Light Dragoons
Rowley Private Richard 984 13th Light Dragoons
Royal Sergeant James 1307 11th Hussars
Rumens Private George 1279 17th Lancers
Rumsby Private Robert 1040 11th Hussars
Rush Private William 1320 11th Hussars
Russell Private Archibald 1120 11th Hussars
Russell Private Patrick 1449 4th Light Dragoons
Rust Private John 1453 11th Hussars
Ryan Private James 1155 17th Lancers
Ryan Private John 631 17th Lancers
Ryan Private Martin 1620 4th Light Dragoons
Ryan Private Thomas 1555 4th Light Dragoons
Ryan Private Daniel 997 8th Hussars
Ryan Private Patrick 955 8th Hussars
Ryan Private Thomas 983 8th Hussars
Ryan Private William 1004 8th Hussars

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