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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Talbot Sergeant Edward 556 17th Lancers
Tasker Private Edward 1563 11th Hussars
Tattershall Private Thomas 1414 8th Hussars
Taylor Private Samuel 1695 11th Hussars
Taylor Private William 1541 11th Hussars
Taylor Private Henry 1141 13th Light Dragoons
Taylor Private John 1200 13th Light Dragoons
Taylor Private John 1523 13th Light Dragoons
Taylor PC David 999 17th Lancers
Taylor Corporal George 405 17th Lancers
Taylor (alias of Alfred Styan) Private Thomas 1091 17th Lancers
Taylor Private Arthur 1498 4th Light Dragoons
Taylor Private James 1753 4th Light Dragoons
Taylor Private Thomas 1834 4th Light Dragoons
Taylor Private William 1676 4th Light Dragoons
Taylor Sergeant Abraham 1335 8th Hussars
Taylor Private Forster 1100 8th Hussars
Taylor Private John 796 8th Hussars
Taylor H Sergeant William 607 8th Hussars
Taylor Private William 1147 8th Hussars
Taylor Private William 836 8th Hussars
Taylor Corporal William 872 8th Hussars
Teahan Private Cornelius 1339 11th Hussars
Teevan TSM Patrick 1159 11th Hussars
Temple Sergeant James 1280 17th Lancers
Terry Sergeant George 721 17th Lancers
Testeven Private George 1178 4th Light Dragoons
Thackeray Private William 1745 4th Light Dragoons
Thatcher Private Edward 1412 17th Lancers
Thatcher Private James 1141 8th Hussars
Thistle Private William 1680 11th Hussars
Thomas Private David 1181 4th Light Dragoons
Thomas Sergeant William 969 4th Light Dragoons
Thomas Private John 1725 13th Light Dragoons
Thomas Private William 1342 8th Hussars
Thomas Private John 936 11th Hussars
Thompson Lt John 17th Lancers
Thompson Private James 1716 4th Light Dragoons
Thompson Private William 1729 13th Light Dragoons
Thompson Private Hugh 1248 8th Hussars
Thompson Private John 1603 8th Hussars
Thompson Private Thomas 1553 8th Hussars
Thorburn Private Thomas 1362 11th Hussars
Thorn Private Frederick 1653 11th Hussars
Thorne Private William 1203 4th Light Dragoons
Thorne Private William 1796 13th Light Dragoons
Thornton Private John 974 8th Hussars
Thorpe Private William 1751 11th Hussars
Thorpe Private John 1273 4th Light Dragoons
Thorpe TSM William 1139 4th Light Dragoons
Thorpe Private Thomas 1674 13th Light Dragoons
Thorpe Private William 1574 13th Light Dragoons
Thorpe Private Henry 1318 17th Lancers
Thorpe Private Joseph 1668 8th Hussars
Thrush Private Richard 1742 13th Light Dragoons
Thyer Private Charles 1632 13th Light Dragoons
Tiggle, Tiggell Private Samuel 1178 17th Lancers
Tighe Private Richard 1759 11th Hussars
Tilley Private George 1739 13th Light Dragoons
Tilling Trmptr William 1351 4th Light Dragoons
Tindall Private William 1168 8th Hussars
Tingey Private James 1791 11th Hussars
Tipper Private William 1130 17th Lancers
Tobin Private Thomas 851 17th Lancers
Tobin Private James 991 8th Hussars
Tohey Private John 968 8th Hussars
Tomkinson Captain Edward 8th Hussars
Tomlinson Private Robert 1818 11th Hussars
Tomlinson Sergeant Joseph 2183 4th Light Dragoons
Tomlinson Private Thomas 1503 4th Light Dragoons
Toms Private William 1559 4th Light Dragoons
Tomsett Private Thomas 1586 4th Light Dragoons
Tomson Nazaret 8th Hussars
Toole Private Arthur 1688 4th Light Dragoons
Toomer, Toomar Private Isaac 1390 17th Lancers
Toothill Private John 964 11th Hussars
Topham Private William 820 8th Hussars
Tough Private Joseph 1415 13th Light Dragoons
Toulson Private Josiah 1716 8th Hussars
Towers Vet Surgeon Thomas 13th Light Dragoons
Townrow Private William, Timothy 797 11th Hussars
Townsend Private George 1241 13th Light Dragoons
Towson, Toulson Private Thomas 838 17th Lancers
Tracey Private Frederick 1546 4th Light Dragoons
Travers Private William 1075 8th Hussars
Travis, Travers Private William 678 17th Lancers
Tremayne Captain Arthur 13th Light Dragoons
Trembel Private Mark 1726 11th Hussars
Trevelyan Lt Harrington 11th Hussars
Trokes Private James 1381 17th Lancers
Trowman, Truman Private Edward 923 17th Lancers
Tucker Sergeant Patrick 965 11th Hussars
Tucker Private Frederick 1600 13th Light Dragoons
Tucker Private Walter 1286 17th Lancers
Tuckwell Private John 1047 17th Lancers
Tuffield Private Edward NK 4th Light Dragoons
Tuffin Arm Sergeant James 806 17th Lancers
Tulley Private Patrick 918 8th Hussars
Turby, Turbey Private George 775 17th Lancers
Turner Private George 1358 11th Hussars
Turner Private Henry 1299 17th Lancers
Turner Private Henry 1263 4th Light Dragoons
Turner Private Samuel 685 4th Light Dragoons
Turner Private William 1115 4th Light Dragoons
Turner Private Edward 1238 8th Hussars
Turner Private Henry 725 8th Hussars
Turner Private John 1370 8th Hussars
Turpin Private Edward 1821 13th LD
Twamley Private Thomas 1078 8th Hussars
Tyler Private William 1938 11th Hussars
Tyler Private Henry 1041 17th Lancers
Tyler Private James 1194 4th Light Dragoons
Tyrell Corporal Lawrence 1333 13th Light Dragoons
Tyrer Private Henry 1682 11th Hussars
Tyrer Private John 1828 4th Light Dragoons
Tyrer Private Henry 1673 13th Light Dragoons
Tyzack Private William 1786 11th Hussars

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