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1747, Private Westrop Wrixen - 13th Light Dragoons

Birth & early life

Born in Kennington, London, c.1831


Enlisted into the 15th Hussars at Westminster on the 4th of September 1851. Regimental No. 1737.

Age: 20.

Height. 5' 7".

Trade. Clerk.

Appearance: Fresh complexion. Grey eyes. Brown hair.


Transferred to the 13th Light Dragoons at Dorchester on the 1st of March 1854.

From Private to Corporal: 23rd of July 1855.

Embarked for the Crimea on the 4th of September 1855 and arrived in the Crimea at Balaclava as part of a draft of 50 men under the command of Lt. Robert MacNeill, on the 27th of September 1855.

Served in Eupatoria.

Reduced to Private by a Regimental Court-martial on the 26th of October 1855.

Discharge & pension

Sent to Kilmainham on the 20th of April 1857 and discharged on the 27th of April. "By reason of the "Reduction of the Regiment" and not likely to become efficient.

Medical report

This man has been brought forward for discharge in consequence of the "Reduction of the Army." He was frequently in hospital with syphilis whilst in the 15th Hussars from which he joined his present regiment.

Since that time he has been five times in hospital, viz: In 1855 at Scutari with diarrhoea in 1856 at Scutari with Scorbutin, again at Clogheen, but not in hospital, for a simple ulceration, in 1857 at Cahir with Febris, again later with Chronic Rheumatism and from March of this year to the present time with Bubo [sic]. The last is sympathetic and caused by riding.

This man is also suffering from mental depression consequent to his knowing that he has lost his memory, his mental powers are impaired and at times he is unable to bring his thoughts on anything that may be asked of him - but has no delusions as far as I can ascertain.

He is reported to have had a "coup de soleil" when serving in India, but I cannot vouch for the truth of it. He will never become an efficient soldier.

For some unexplained reason he had the Regimental number of 2031 on discharge.

He was unable to sign his name. [PB: At the time of discharge?]

Aged 25 years on discharge.

Served 5 years 325 days. In the East Indies, 1 year 183 days, and in the Crimea, 275 days.

Conduct and character: "Good." Not in possession of any Good Conduct badges.

Awarded a pension of 6d per day for 15 months, "Final".

Intended to live in London.


Entitled to Crimean medal without clasp and the Turkish Medal.

Not recorded by Lummis and Wynn.


Life after service

Death & burial

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