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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Waddington Private Henry 1494 8th Hussars
Wade Private William 847 8th Hussars
Waghorne Sergeant William 1337 8th Hussars
Waight Private Charles 1257 4th Light Dragoons
Wainhouse Private Thomas 1009 13th Light Dragoons
Waite Private John 1653 4th Light Dragoons
Waits Private Richard 1750 13th Light Dragoons
Wakelin Private Henry 1526 11th Hussars
Walduck Private Richard 1187 17th Lancers
Walker Private Robert 829 8th Hussars
Walker Private Samuel 688 8th Hussars
Walker Private William 1621 11th Hussars
Walker Private James 1109 17th Lancers
Walker Private John 1221 4th Light Dragoons
Walker Private John 1864 4th Light Dragoons
Walker Private Joseph 1496 13th Light Dragoons
Waller Private Frederick 1035 17th Lancers
Wallis Private Frederick 1023 17th Lancers
Wallis Private John 752 4th Light Dragoons
Walls Private William 1186 8th Hussars
Walmesley Private Thomas 1254 11th Hussars
Walpole Private Edwin 1131 11th Hussars
Walpole Private William 1820 13th Light Dragoons
Walsh Private Richard 1009 8th Hussars
Walsh Private Samuel 960 8th Hussars
Walsh Private James 1687 11th Hussars
Walsh, Welsh Private John 1426 8th Hussars
Walshe Private Francis 1293 4th Light Dragoons
Walters Private William 694 8th Hussars
Ward Private David 1080 11th Hussars
Ward Private John 956 17th Lancers
Ward Private John 1678 4th Light Dragoons
Ward Private Samuel 1022 4th Light Dragoons
Ward Private Arthur 1744 13th Light Dragoons
Ward Sergeant George 1166 13th Light Dragoons
Ward Private James 1357 13th Light Dragoons
Ward Private Joseph 1584 8th Hussars
Ward Private Thomas 752 8th Hussars
Ward Sergeant William 517 8th Hussars
Wardle, Wardell Private William 1276 17th Lancers
Wardman Private Joshua 1499 8th Hussars
Wareham Private William 938 11th Hussars
Waring Private Charles 1173 17th Lancers
Warnes Private Seranas 1208 11th Hussars
Warr Private Thomas 1481 11th Hussars
Warr Private James 1614 4th Light Dragoons
Warren Private Charles, Christopher 1515 13th Light Dragoons
Warren Private Henry 1368 17th Lancers
Washington Private George 1730 4th Light Dragoons
Waterer Private Charles 1228 8th Hussars
Waters Private William 812 13th Light Dragoons
Waterson TSM William 1215 4th Light Dragoons
Watkins Private Joseph 1459 11th Hussars
Watkins Private Charles 1504 13th Light Dragoons
Watkins Private John 1577 13th Light Dragoons
Watkinson Private James 1035 13th Light Dragoons
Watlen Private William 1442 13th Light Dragoons
Watling Private Robert 1568 4th Light Dragoons
Watson Private George 1506 11th Hussars
Watson Private James 1413 13th Light Dragoons
Watson Private John 1414 13th Light Dragoons
Watson Private Charles 872 17th Lancers
Watson Private James 1184 17th Lancers
Watson Captain William 17th Lancers
Watson Private Isaac 1632 4th Light Dragoons
Watson Private James 1468 4th Light Dragoons
Watson Sergeant William 1241 4th Light Dragoons
Watson Arm Sergeant John 433 8th Hussars
Watters Corporal Richard 1123 8th Hussars
Watts Private James 1153 17th Lancers
Watts Private John 1506 4th Light Dragoons
Watts Private Percival 1740 13th Light Dragoons
Weatherley Corporal George 673 17th Lancers
Weatherley Lt Frederick 4th Light Dragoons
Webb Private Richard 1791 13th Light Dragoons
Webb Captain Augustus 17th Lancers
Webb Corporal Robert 1293 17th Lancers
Webb Private William 1242 17th Lancers
Webb Private William 1919 4th Light Dragoons
Webster Private Matthew 1694 13th Light Dragoons
Webster Private James 902 17th Lancers
Webster Private Caleb 1515 8th Hussars
Webster Private John 1531 8th Hussars
Weedon Private Charles 1794 11th Hussars
Weedon Private John 1150 17th Lancers
Welch Private William 1423 4th Light Dragoons
Weller Private Henry 1832 13th Light Dragoons
Wells Private John 1559 11th Hussars
Wells Private George 1233 17th Lancers
Wells Private James 1239 17th Lancers
Wells Private Joseph 1473 8th Hussars
West Private George 1746 11th Hussars
Westall Private George 1665 11th Hussars
Westcombe Private Henry 1620 11th Hussars
Weston TSM John 715 13th Light Dragoons
Wharton Private William 1463 13th Light Dragoons
Whealan Private John 750 8th Hussars
Wheeler Private George 1449 11th Hussars
Wheeler Private Robert 1454 11th Hussars
Wheeler Private Frederick 1040 4th Light Dragoons
Wheelhouse Private Samuel 643 13th Light Dragoons
Whelan Private Michael 1321 13th Light Dragoons
Whelan Private John 741 8th Hussars
Whitaker Private Joseph 1517 8th Hussars
Whitby Private James 1508 4th Light Dragoons
Whitby Private Joseph 1493 4th Light Dragoons
White Private George 1420 11th Hussars
White Private James 1628 11th Hussars
White Private John 1866 11th Hussars
White Private George 1199 17th Lancers
White Captain Robert 17th Lancers
White Private William 1112 17th Lancers
White Corporal Alfred 1645 4th Light Dragoons
White Private Charles 1532 4th Light Dragoons
White Private John 1666 4th Light Dragoons
White Private William 1705 4th Light Dragoons
White Private Morris 1231 13th Light Dragoons
White Private Thomas 975 13th Light Dragoons
White Asst Surgeon C. 8th Hussars
White Private John 1011 8th Hussars
Whitechurch Private James 855 8th Hussars
Whitehead Private James 1561 4th Light Dragoons
Whitehead Private John 1289 4th Light Dragoons
Whitehouse Private John 830 8th Hussars
Whitehurst Private John 788 17th Lancers
Whiting Private William 1594 13th Light Dragoons
Whittaker Private George 1403 17th Lancers
Whitworth Private Samuel 1363 4th Light Dragoons
Whyte Private Charles 981 8th Hussars
Wickens / Wackens / Wickins / Wiggins Private Charles 1559 13th Light Dragoons
Wickham Private Henry 1499 13th Light Dragoons
Wiffen Private James 1659 11th Hussars
Wiffen Private William 1707 11th Hussars
Wightman Private James 1177 17th Lancers
Wigley Private William 1784 11th Hussars
Wigley Private David 1248 17th Lancers
Wilcox Private Edward 1202 11th Hussars
Wild Sergeant Joseph 839 17th Lancers
Wild Private Charles 1583 4th Light Dragoons
Wilde Private George 1119 13th Light Dragoons
Wilder Private Anthony 1445 11th Hussars
Wilder Private Leonard 1516 11th Hussars
Wilding Private Richard 1717 13th Light Dragoons
Wilkin Asst Surgeon Henry 11th Hussars
Wilkinson Private William 1885 4th Light Dragoons
Willett Maj Augustus 17th Lancers
Willett Private John 693 8th Hussars
Williams Corporal James 663 11th Hussars
Williams Private Thomas 1479 11th Hussars
Williams Private William 1571 11th Hussars
Williams Private William 1660 4th Light Dragoons
Williams Private George 1348 13th Light Dragoons
Williams Private James 1785 13th Light Dragoons
Williams Private John 1399 13th Light Dragoons
Williams Private Thomas 879 13th Light Dragoons
Williams Sergeant Richard 750 17th Lancers
Williams Private Edward 919 8th Hussars
Williams Private Robert 732 8th Hussars
Williams RSM Samuel 420 8th Hussars
Williams Sergeant William 804 8th Hussars
Williamson [Oliver James Johnston] Private James 1609 11th Hussars
Williamson Sergeant William 1122 11th Hussars
Williamson Private Richard 1407 4th Light Dragoons
Willsher Private Henry 1599 13th Light Dragoons
Wilmot Private William 1162 13th Light Dragoons
Wilsden, Wilsdon Private Henry 1361 4th Light Dragoons
Wilson Corporal Charles 1802 11th Hussars
Wilson Private John 1741 11th Hussars
Wilson Private Peter 1379 11th Hussars
Wilson Private James 1844 4th Light Dragoons
Wilson Private James 1855 4th Light Dragoons
Wilson Private William 1276 4th Light Dragoons
Wilson Private Edward 1587 13th Light Dragoons
Wilson Private George 1553 13th Light Dragoons
Wilson Private James 1669 13th Light Dragoons
Wilson Private John 1017 17th Lancers
Wilson Private John 1518 17th Lancers
Wilson Private Hendry 1514 8th Hussars
Wilson Private Samuel 911 8th Hussars
Wilson Trmptr William 1204 8th Hussars
Wiltshire Private John 1158 8th Hussars
Wimsett Private Richard 961 13th Light Dragoons
Winnan Private Thomas 1427 4th Light Dragoons
Winstanley Lieutenant William 4th Light Dragoons
Winter Captain John 17th Lancers
Wishart Private John 1782 13th Light Dragoons
Wohlman Private Charles 1526 4th Light Dragoons
Wollard / Woolard Private James 1247 17th Lancers
Wombwell Cornet George 17th Lancers
Wood Private John 1522 4th Light Dragoons
Wood Trmptr William 1765 4th Light Dragoons
Wood Cornet Henry 13th Light Dragoons
Wood Private James 1834 13th Light Dragoons
Wood Private William 1190 13th Light Dragoons
Wooden Sergeant Charles 799 17th Lancers
Woodgett Private William 1534 4th Light Dragoons
Woodham Private Edward 1355 11th Hussars
Woodham Private Frederick 1723 4th Light Dragoons
Woodman Private Phillip 1498 13th Light Dragoons
Woodruffe Private George 1042 4th Light Dragoons
Woodward Private Thomas 1251 8th Hussars
Woolead Private George 1500 13th Light Dragoons
Wooley Private Edward 1244 17th Lancers
Wootton Private George 1533 11th Hussars
Worley Private John 1528 13th Light Dragoons
Wormald Private John 1510 8th Hussars
Worthington Private George 1730 4th Light Dragoons
Woxen Private John 903 13th Light Dragoons
Wray Private John 1554 4th Light Dragoons
Wren, Wrenn Private Henry 1336 17th Lancers
Wright Private Joel 1872 11th Hussars
Wright Private Thomas, George 1625 11th Hussars
Wright Private Edmund 1458 13th Light Dragoons
Wright Private Thomas 1097 17th Lancers
Wrigley Private Constantine 496 17th Lancers
Wrixen Private Westrop 1747 13th Light Dragoons
Wroots Private Thomas 1235 11th Hussars
Wyatt Private Caleb 1295 17th Lancers
Wynne Private Peter 1387 13th Light Dragoons

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