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There are two versions of this photograph. I don't know which came first, but I've called them versions one and two.

Version One

In version one, a young man is seated on the ground, just left of centre, looking right. He is smoking a cheroot or similar in both photographs. (Is it longer in one than the other?)


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Version Two

In version 2, the same young man is standing, further left. Another man is seated on the ground, right of centre, looking at a dog. He has a substantial moustache and mutton chop sideburns. In version one this man is standing, right of centre, looking left. He is smoking a pipe in both images.

(The image is perhaps less well-composed, with the men off to the right. The camera angle/view has also changed. Notice the buildings, tents and hills in the background. The camera moved to the right [?]. Have all the men been moved as well?)


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Version One: different keys

[PB: This key is presumably a clipped version of the one shown above. Only the top line is shown.

It is said that Denzil Thomas Chamberlayne ("Chamberlyne" in keys) is included in Roger Fenton's photograph of the 13LD. This version, in the NAM, is even annotated with his name. Is he indeed the young man on the ground, centre, with the cheroot? (Standing, left, again in profile, version 2.)

See also the page on Captain Soame Gambier Jenyns, 13th Light Dragoons, which looks in more detail at different versions of the photograph. In profile looking right in version 1, on the ground, centre, with spaniel, in v.2.

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Key in the Regimental History of the 13th Light Dragoons (date), p.363.

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[NB: There's a version from the LOC here >a href="" target="_blank">Wikipedia: 13th Hussars.

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Version One: the keys compared

The keys are different, and both must be wrong. Agreement between keys is no guide to correct naming. For example, Sergt Major Linkon (Reg., who is shown on both keys, could not have been present as he was a prisoner of the Russians at this time (mid-summer 1855?). He was released in October 1855.

Photograph annotated with two keys. Above, the key printed in the Regimental History, p.363. Below, the NAM key.

"Not shown" means there is no outline of the man in the key. "Not named" means there is an outline but no number or name. "Unknown" is as in the original key.

The Royal Collection's "further information" page follows the NAM listing (i.e. the lower name in the comparison of keys above], strictly left to right, with slight changes e.g. Chamberlyne is corrected to Chamberlayne, and puts brackets round "TSM Linkon" (Lincon in the NAM key), but with no explanation. Presumably this reflects the knowledge that it cannot be the POW Linkon. However there is no acknowledgment that this puts all the names into some doubt.

Photograph of a group of Officers and men from the 13th Light Dragoons, including Colonel Doherty. They stand in a variety of positions with two men sitting on the ground to the left. All are wearing military uniform and hats and some wear coats. Behind them is a campsite and a hillside.

The 13th Light Dragoons served in all of the major battles of the Crimean War including the Charge of the Light Brigade. This photograph is sometimes captioned 'Remnant of the 13th Light Dragoons taken in front of their camp on the morning after the Charge at Balaclava, October 26th, 1854'. This would not have been possible, as Fenton did not arrive in the Crimea until 8 March 1855. A key held by the National Army Museum, with this photograph, identifies the men thus: Cornet F L Michael; Capt. Gardner; Capt. P S Smith; RSM Johnson; Col. Doherty; Corp. Glynn; Cornet D T Chamberlayne; Pte. Morrisey; V.Surgn. Towers; Sgt. Mahoney; TSM Hunt; Pte. Dearlove; Capt. Jenyns; Sgt. Mulkay; Pte. Long; [TSM Linkon]; Pte. Gardner. Jenyns was the most senior officer to survive from the 13th.

[Source: Royal Collection Trust / (c) Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2017 (]

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