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August 2018

We are starting to upload new pages to the Public site. These focus largely on the "death, burial and memorialisation" of men in the 11th Hussars. Other regiments should follow. One reason is the hope that people will seek out gravesites and send us reports (and photographs) of the current state of monuments and memorials, and where possible publicise and safeguard them.

It is encouraging that a number of Light Brigade graves have recently been restored, including one to Lieut-Colonel George Wynell Mayow, on the Brigade staff, whose tomb in Clipston, near Market Harborough, Northants, had fallen into disrepair. It was refurbished with money raised locally and re-dedicated on 5 June 2018.

We also continue to try to help people who contact us with enquiries.

July 2018

We continue to work on the archive, though no further pages have been uploaded to the Public site. New information has been added to some men in the 13th Light Dragoons, but the main obvious development is that the "Public Listing" indexes now also show men who arrived after 9th September 1855 - and hence in most cases were not entitled to the Crimean Medal.

April 2014

It has now been two years since we last added information to the open-access pages of this website (mainly the 13th Light Dragoons). But that doesn't mean we've stopped working on the rest of the men in the archive. On the contrary, we've made a huge amount of progress behind the scenes.

Details for nearly all of the men are now online in some form or other (albeit invisible to search engines and with no links to the indexes yet). All still require more editorial work, but many entries now include a large amount of additional information derived from Censuses and marriage, birth and death registrations (for which we must chiefly thank Chris Poole and his two sons), and some now have photographs and documents attached.

We have also received, and are in the process of integrating, some remarkable material from the many people who have contacted us from all over the world. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the archive, please get in touch. We would be very pleased to hear from you.

Philip Boys & Roy Mills


Further information added to 762, Troop Sergeant Major John LINKON / LINCOLN - 13th Light Dragoons.


Further information, and some striking photographs, added to the entry for 1228, Trumpeter Harry POWELL - 13th Light Dragoons.


688 Sergeant James DUNCAN - 17th Lancers amended and added.

Matthew Perry, his "great great great nephew", is writing a humorous and informative blog and FaceBook page devoted to James Duncan, and will shortly publish an illustrated book ("A Professional Soldier: A book tracing the rise from Private to Colonel of 17th Lancer James Duncan"). Extracts, and information about ordering the book, can be found in both places.

939 William PEARSON - 17th Lancers added.

A BBC news item, published today, begins:

"Doncaster man's Victorian war medals make 11,000

Pte Pearson was wounded during the Charge of the Light Brigade Medals awarded to a Yorkshire man who took part in the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War have sold for 11,000.

The medals were awarded to Pte William Pearson, 17th Lancers, who was severely wounded in the charge at Balaklava in 1854..."



Having seen a recent BBC report, we have added info on Private Samuel PARKES / PARKS - 635, 4th Light Dragoons to the site.

"Wiggington honours Crimean War soldier Samuel Parkes

A memorial has been built to honour a Staffordshire soldier who saved the lives of two comrades during the Charge of the Light Brigade. Samuel Parkes of the 4th Light Dragoons was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery for his actions during the Crimean War battle in 1854. Villagers have raised 14,000 for an obelisk in Wigginton to remember him and others who fought. His great, great, great nephew Peter Elkin said thanks to the village's efforts his relative would be remembered for generations to come."


A link back to this site has also been added to the Wikipedia article on Samuel Parkes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Parkes_(VC)


Returning visitors to this site may notice that bookmarks to favourite pages no longer work. Apologies: we have had to change the navigation system slightly, which means altering urls, and this will have broken some links. Info about all men can still be reached from the usual index pages.


Private James ABBOTT - 1626, 11th Hussars: additional material incorporated.


Revised format for all men, initial letter Ma-Mi, 13th Light Dragoons.


Revised format for all men, initial letter L, 13th Light Dragoons.

Revised format for all men, initial letter K, 13th Light Dragoons.


Revised format for all men, initial letter I, 13th Light Dragoons.

Revised format for all men, initial letter J, 13th Light Dragoons.


Private William COLSON - 1433, 13th Light Dragoons amended.

Trumpeter Charles COLLINGWOOD - 1402, 13th Light Dragoons amended.

Additions by Chris Poole and Roy Mills to Private James Thomas ASPINALL / ASPINAL - 1776, 13th Light Dragoons.


Revised format for men, initial letter G, 13th Light Dragoons.


Revised format for men, initial letter F, 13th Light Dragoons.

Revised format for men, initial letter E, 13th Light Dragoons.


Revised format for men, initial letter D, 13th Light Dragoons.

W Applebee - 1691, 13LD: further information kindly provided by Chris Poole.

12.5.11 - 14.5.11

Revised format for all men, initial letter C, 13th Light Dragoons

9.5.11 - 11.5.11

Revised format for all men, initial letter B, 13th Light Dragoons

Man added: William Nicholson - 1378, 13LD


Revised design for all men, initial letter A, 13th Light Dragoons


All men, initial letter V, 13th Light Dragoons

All men, initial letter W, 13th Light Dragoons

All men, initial letter Y, 13th Light Dragoons


17 men, initial letter T, 13th Light Dragoons


39 men, initial letter S, 13th Light Dragoons


17 men, initial letter R, 13th Light Dragoons


30 men, initial letter P, 13th Light Dragoons


5 men, initial letter O, 13th Light Dragoons

9 men, initial letter N, 13th Light Dragoons


Thomas Mitchell - 1678, 13th Light Dragoons

E Mitchley - 1569, 13th Light Dragoons

W Moloney - 1389, 13th Light Dragoons

T Moody - 1517, 13th Light Dragoons

J Moore - 1224, 13th Light Dragoons

A Moreham - 1639, 13th Light Dragoons

W Morgan - 1777, 13th Light Dragoons

J Morris - 1056, 13th Light Dragoons

P Morrissey - 1248, 13th Light Dragoons

T Mortlock - 1624, 13th Light Dragoons

E Mountain - 634, 13th Light Dragoons

J Mulcahey - 1230, 13th Light Dragoons

J Murphy - 1045, 13th Light Dragoons

L Murphy - 1687, 13th Light Dragoons

J Murray - 1317, 13th Light Dragoons


John Millington - 1664, 13th Light Dragoons

Albert Mitchell - 1401, 13th Light Dragoons


Charles Crane - 747, 4th Light Dragoons

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