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1664, Private John MILLINGTON — 13th Light Dragoons

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Born at Moore, Warrington, c.1833.


Enlisted at Liverpool on the 7th of November 1854.

Age: 21.

Height: 5' 8".

Trade: None shown. (Later shown as Labourer.)


Discharged, "having been sentenced to penal servitude", from Dublin on the 19th of August 1859.

Particulars relating to Millington's court martial, discharge and sentence:

He was "Absent without leave" at the time of embarking for the Crimea on the 20th of March 1855.

Joined the regiment in the Crimea on the 13th of August 1855:

"Absent from embarkation at Balaclava" on the 8th of October 1855, and recorded as a "Deserter" from the 15th of January 1856:

"Deserted" on the 10th of January 1857 and did not rejoin the regiment until the 10th of June 1859. (He is shown on the Routes of Deserters form, with a charge of £1/15/10d, but no indication as to where he was brought from.)

John Millington had re-enlisted into the 12th Lancers at Chester on the 24th of January 1859, under the name of John Heywood, and joined the Maidstone Cavalry Depot on the 4th of February. No Regimental number was allocated. He gave his age as 25 years. He was confined in the Guard Room on the 30th of May 1859 and given over as a deserter from the 13th LD on the same day.

"Under confinement in the Guard Room" of the 13th LD from the 11th of June, and on being tried by a General Court-martial at Dublin on the 6th of August, and spending 11 days in Hospital, was "Handed over to the Civil Power".

Letter from the Advocate General's Office, dated the 4th of July 1859:

"I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 2nd inst. transmitting the charges preferred against Private John Millington, 13th Light Dragoons (alias John Heywood, 12th Lancers) and requesting my opinion whether they are in a fit state for investigation before a General Court-martial. I have the honour to acquaint you for the information of the General Commanding that the charges appear to be in a fit state to appear before a General Court-martial. If any of the facts are incorrectly stated then the necessary alterations may be made by the Officer preferring the same.

I am, etc. etc.,

S.C. Denison."

Court-martial details:

"Private John Millington (No. 1664) 13th Light Dragoons (alias John Heywood 12th Lancers) tried by a General Court-martial held at Dublin on the 19th of July 1859:


(First) For having deserted from the 13th Light Dragoons at Balaclava in the Crimea while in front of the enemy on or about the 8th of October 1855 when under orders to proceed with the Expedition to Eupatoria and for not having returned until having been brought back under escort to Island Bridge Barracks, Dublin, on or about the 8th of June 1859.

(Second) Between the 8th of October and the 11th of June 1859, while in a state of desertion from the 13th Light Dragoons, enlisted into the 12th Regiment of Lancers under the name of John Heywood, and for having, by such enlistment, fraudulently obtained a bounty amounting to the sum of £3 or thereabouts and also for having obtained a free kit valued at £7/18/- or thereabouts.

Opinion. The Court having weighed and seriously considered the evidence in support of the prosecution, together with what the prisoner has urged in his defence, are of the opinion with regard to the First Charge are of the opinion that he the prisoner, 1664 Private John Millington, 13th Light Dragoons, (alias John Heywood, 12th Lancers) is "Guilty". With regard to the Second Charge, that he, the prisoner, No 1664 Pte John Millington 13th Light Dragoons (alias John Heywood, 12th Lancers) is "Guilty".

The Court having found the prisoner guilty of both charges preferred against him, which being in breach of the Articles of War and having heard evidence of his previous good character, do sentence the prisoner, No, 1664 Private John Millington, 13th Light Dragoons (alias John Heywood, 12th Lancers) to undergo a punishment of penal servitude for a term of four years, and also to be marked with the letter "D" according to the 34th Clause of the Mutiny Act, and further, to be placed under stoppages until the several sums mentioned in the Second Charge, viz: the sums of £3 and £7/18/- be made good according to the 33rd Clause of the Mutiny Act."

"Horse Guards

6th August 1859

My Lord, — Having had the honour to lay before her Majesty the Queen the proceedings of the General Court-martial held at the Royal Barracks, Dublin, on the 19th of July 1859 for the trial of No 1664 Private John Millington, 13th Light Dragoons (alias John Heywood, 12th Lancers) who was arraigned on the Charges before mentioned, and upon the Court coming to a decision I have to acquaint your Lordship that following the findings and sentence of the Court, Her Majesty has been pleased to approve and confirm the findings and sentence of the Court and to command that the prisoner be kept in penal servitude accordingly.

The sentence of this Court-martial, together with Her Majesty's pleasure thereon, will be duly notified to the Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench or Court of Common Pleas in Ireland as directed by the 23rd Clause of the Mutiny Act. Your Lordship will be pleased to report to the Military Secretary for my information the day on which this sentence is communicated to the prisoner.

I am, etc. etc.


To General Lord George Seaton. G.C.B. etc. etc."


Entitled to the Crimean medal with clasp for Sebastopol and the Turkish medal.

Lummis and Wynn state "not on medal roll".


Life after service

Death & burial

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