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1230, Sergeant John MULCAHEY — 13th Light Dragoons

Ever spelt "Mulcahy"?

Added 28.4.11. Minor edits 18.2.14, 5.4.14.

Birth & early life

Born at Tipperary, Ireland, c.1827.

PB (5.9.2013): Possibly Clonmel, 1828.


Enlisted at Cahir on the 31st of January 1846.

Age: 19.

Height: 5' 7".

Trade: Labourer.

From Private to Corporal: 1st of October 1850.

Joined the Regiment from the Depot on the 1st of May 1854.

Corporal to Sergeant: 10th of May 1854.

Appointed to Troop Sergeant Major on the 26th of October 1854.

Invalided to England on the 15th of December 1855.

Reverted to Sergeant: 25th of January 1856.

Discharge & pension

Discharged from Newbridge Barracks on the 7th of October 1857.

Served 11 years 333 days.

Conduct and character: "very good".

He was in possession of one Good Conduct badge when promoted.


Entitled to the Crimean medal with clasps for Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman, Sebastopol and the Turkish medal.

Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal, having been recommended for it on the 13th of February 1855, with a gratuity of £15, but it is not known under what circumstances this was awarded.


Life after service

He was appointed to the Riding Depot of the Irish Mounted Constabulary "by Special Authority, dated the 1st of December 1857, Adjutant-General's Office, Dublin."

The R.I.C. muster rolls show him as having joined on the 1st of January 1858 (No. 22642). Aged 30 at this time, he was married, his wife also being from Tipperary.

Appointed 1st Class Head Constable on the 1st of July 1858.

PB (6.9.2013): According to one source, as yet unverified, his eldest son, John Joseph, aged 6, died at Phoenix Park on on the 3rd of April 1864 of water on the brain.

Appointed Sub-Inspector 3rd Class, and Riding Master at the Depot, on the 15th of June 1866.

PB (5.9.2013): One report claims he was the "founder of the Riding School at the Phoenix Park Depot", but this has not been verified. Also that his eldest son, John Joseph, aged 6, died at Phoenix Park on on the 3rd of April 1864 of water on the brain.

Appointed 2nd Class Sub-Inspector on the 28th of March 1870.

During his service he was unfavourably reported upon for "being drunk" on the 18th of October 1870.

There is also a cryptic reference — no date shown — "Leg broken on duty".

Death & burial

Died (apparently while still serving) on the 10th of June 1872.

Extract from the "Deaths" notices of the "Irish Times" for the 11th of June 1872:

"Mulcahy. — At the Royal Irish Constabulary Depot, Phoenix Park, on the 10th inst., John Mulcahy, Esq., Sub-Inspector and Riding Master, late of the 13th Hussars. (Crimean medal and four clasps — The Distinguished Conduct medal in the Field, and the Turkish Medal) aged 44 years. Requiescat in Pace. The interment will take place at Glasnevin Cemetery 10 o'clock a.m. on the 12th inst."

His death certificate shows that he died at the Constabulary Barracks, in Phoenix Park, North Dublin, from "Consumption of the Lungs (2 years)."He was also shown as being 44 years of age, married, and a Sub-Inspector of Police. (See copy in the "Certificates" file.)

He was buried on Grave No. XE134 (Garden) on the 12th of June 1872. No headstone was erected.

See photograph of his grave-site in the 13th Hussar file.

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