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Added 21.5.12. Additional info, plus account of the Charge added, and photographs etc of re-dedication of tomb 19.6.18 - 22.7.18. Made public 8 August 2018.

[EJBA: Photograph of GWM. See below for details.]

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Lieutenant-Colonel George Wynell MAYOW — Brigade Major to Lord Cardigan

Often hyphenated as Wynell-Mayow. Frequently "Mayo". Albert Mitchell calls him "Mayhow".

Death, burial & memorialisation

This page focuses on death, burial and memorialisation. In many cases, there is considerably more information in the EJBA e.g about his childhood, military career, medals, discharge, and family and later life, but this is not being posted online at the moment. If you can contribute photographs (for example showing the current state of a grave or memorial) or additional information, or have a particular interest, please contact the editors.

Birth & early life

Born in London on the 31st of August 1808, the son of Philip Wynell Mayow, of Bray, near Looe, Cornwall, a solicitor in the Excise Department, and his wife Jane Elizabeth, daughter of General Charles Deare, H.E.I.C.S. [Honourable East India Company Service], of Bray (Cornwall), Hanworth Hall (near Cromer, Norfolk), and Clipston (Northants).

Death & burial

George Wynell Mayow fell dead from his horse when riding across a grass field at Misterton, Leicestershire, while out on a run with the Pytchley Hunt. The cause of death was said by a medical man who was on the spot to have been from "Heart disease".

Extract from the Market Harborough Advertiser, 7th of January 1873:

"Sudden Death in the Hunting Field"

"On Wednesday, January 1st, General Mayow, of Clipston, was out hunting with the Pytchley hounds. Upon approaching a brook near to Gilmorton (between the village and Lutterworth) and conversing with some other gentlemen he suddenly fell from his horse, as was supposed, in a fit.

Medical attendance was at once procured but it was found that the vital spark of life had fled. His body was at once conveyed to Clipston.

The deceased's brother is the rector of Clipston, the Revd. M.W. Mayow. General Mayow, who was one of the heroes of the Balaclava Charge, was a brave soldier and rider to hounds. He was very much respected in the hunting-field and by all his friends and brother officers."

Death registered

George Wynell Mayow, aged 64, March 1873, Lutterworth.


He was buried in the churchyard of All Saints' Church at Clipston, Northamptonshire on 8 January 1873. The inscription on his tomb reads:

Major General George Wynell Mayow, of Bray, Cornwall, and of Clipston. C.B. Knight of the Legion of Honour, Late D.Q.M. General in Ireland and of the Cavalry Division in the Crimea, 1854-55. Alma, Light Brigade Cavalry Charge at Balaclava, and Inkerman.

Born 31st of Augt 1808 — Died 1st of Jany 1873.

'And now, Lord, what is my hope. Truly my hope is even in thee.'

Burial - Parish record

Burial: Northamptonshire, England, Church of England Burials, 1813-1912 Clipston Parish Registers 1813-1903: Major-General George Wynell Mayow, Clipston, b.Jany 8, age 64.

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[Photograph in EJBA: Mayow tomb. Judging by the curved corners, the photograph was probably not taken by EJB. 1970s?]

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GWM's death announced in the Illustrated London News, Saturday 18 January 1873 p.9:

MAJOR-GENERAL WYNELL-MAYOW. George Wynell-Mayow, C.B., of Bray, Cornwall, and Clipston, Norfolk, Major-General in the Army, formerly of the 4th Dragoon Guards, and recently Deputy Quartermaster-General at Dublin, died suddenly, on the 1st inst. This gallant officer, who entered the Army in 1852, served in the Crimea, 1854 to 1856, as Brigade-Major to the Light Cavalry Brigade, and was appointed Quartermaster-General of the Cavalry Division. He was born, Aug. 31, 1808, the eldest son of Philip Wynell-Mayow, Esq., of Bray, Cornwall, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Colonel Charles Deare, and was the representative of the old Cornish family of Mayow. He married, Aug. 16, 1842, Jane Elizabeth, daughter of the Eight Rev. Samuel Kyle, D.D., Bishop of Cork, but was left widower, without issue, in 1848.

[Source: BNA: Death of GWM, ILN, 18 Jan 1873.]

Memorial tablet to the Mayow family in the St Wenna, Morval, Cornwall

GWM is named on a memorial tablet to the Mayow family in the St Wenna, Morval, Cornwall:

Family memorial tablet to George Wynell Mayow and others in the parish church of St. Wenna at Morwall, Cornwall [EJB: photo_officer_brig_0005]

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"George Wynell Mayow, Major-General. C.B. of Bray and Clipston, Northamptonshire. He served throughout the war in the Crimea 1854-6 and was present at the Battles of the Alma, Balaklava, Light Cavalry Charge (the six hundred), Inkerman [PB: Sebastopol?]. He died January 1st. 1873, aged 64."

[CHECK TRANSCRIPTION. The photograph is poor - it would be good to have a better one.]

Further information

RootsChat: George Wynell Mayow, tomb, Clipstone, 2009

"Major General George W Mayow - I found a gravestone today in remembrance of the said man who fought in the Battle of the Light Brigade."

[Source: Photo: Sandy Hall. Uploaded 22.2.2009 to a Rootschat forum here (accessed 30.6.2018)]

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To which "Ken" replied:

From the 1862 Army List:

Colonel Mayow served throughout the Eastern Campaign of 1854-55, first as Brigade Major of the Light Cavalry Brigade to 19th Dec. 1854, including the affairs of Bulganac and McKenzie's Farm, and battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and afterwards from the 20th Dec. to the end of the War as Assist. Qr. Master General of the Cavalry Division, including the night attack on the Russian outposts on 19th Feb. 1855, battle of the Tchernaya, and the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, Knight of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 4th Class of the Medjidie).

He was first commissioned on 9 June 1825, and in 1862 was Qr. Master General at the Curragh.

[Mayow George Wynell Mayow. EJBA ref: photo_officer_brig_0006]

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Restoration and rededication of George Mayow's tomb at Clipston, 2018

Notice of the forthcoming dedication

Major General George Mayow - service of dedication, 5th June 2018

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There will be a service of dedication of the restored tomb of Major General George Mayow.

Tuesday 5th June 2018 at 10:30am

In the All Saints Churchyard, Clipston

All Welcome

[Source: Clipston.org: Major-General George Mayow, Service of dedication 5 June 2018 (accessed 30.6.2018).]

Response from Jim Tyson, Clipston Courier, 30.6.2018

Jim Tyson wrote:

Good to hear of your interest in Major-General George Wynell Mayow.

The short article on our website will be updated in due course with further information.

Have attached the two photos that were submitted to the local Harborough Mail newspaper.

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Link to their online article: Harborough Mail: Clipston re-dedicates grave of villager who took part in famous light brigade charge.

The ceremony took place on Tuesday, June 5, at the grave of Major-General George Wynell Mayow, which had fallen into disrepair.

He returned to the village in 1856, where he received a tremendous welcome and dinner on the village green, this story was covered in a local newspaper and hopefully I will be able to find a full copy of it shortly.

He died on New Year's Day, 1873, at the age of 64 in the parish of Gilmorton, near Leicester, and was buried in Clipston churchyard on January 8, 1873.

I am currently trying to research him for an article in our village newsletter later this year and so far only been able to find outline details of his marriage and wife's death and the affidavit that he gave on the 30th May 1863 of the events on the 25th October 1854.

Would be grateful if you could offer further details and any possible images of him that you may have found.

Look forward to hearing from you and any help that you could give would be appreciated.

Best regards,


Jim Tyson

Clipston Courier (Editor)

Village website: www.clipston.org

BBC news item, 5 June 2018

Tomb of war hero re-dedicated at ceremony

Tom Percival, BBC Radio Northampton

The tomb of a major general from Clipston who took part in the Charge of the Light Brigade in 1854 has been rededicated at a special ceremony today.

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George Mayow survived the battle, returned to Clipston a hero, and died on New Year's Day 1873.

A two-year campaign to raise money for the restoration was led by Rose Anderson and her late husband Lawrie Anderson.

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Mrs Anderson said local people had been "very generous" with donations after an appeal in the village newsletter.

The charge of British light cavalry was led by Lord Cardigan against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War.

[Source: BBC News: Clipston: Tomb of war hero re-dedicated at ceremony (accessed 30.6.2018).]

Google search results in site:www.harboroughmail.co.uk

Village school reaches its 350th anniversary! - Harborough Mail https://www.harboroughmail.co.uk/.../village-school-reaches-its-350th-anniversary-1-...

22 Jul 2017 - They are also raising money to refurbish the Clipston grave of a local worthy: Major General George Wynell Mayow, who took part in the ...

Clipston re-dedicates grave of villager who took part in famous Light ... https://www.harboroughmail.co.uk/.../clipston-re-dedicates-grave-of-villager-who-too...

11 Jun 2018 - The ceremony took place on Tuesday, June 5, at the grave of Major-General George Wynell Mayow, which had fallen into disrepair.

[Photograph in Harborough Mail, 11 June 2018, https://www.harboroughmail.co.uk/news/clipston-re-dedicates-grave-of-villager-who-took-part-in-famous-light-brigade-charge-1-8529691. (30.6.18 - broken link). Photograph: Jim Tyson.]

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References & acknowledgements

Death registration kindly provided by Chris Poole.

PB, June 2018: I am very grateful to Jim Tyson, editor of the Clipston Courier, for his help in providing images and information about the re-dedication of GWM's tomb.

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