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Thomas NAZARETH? Tomson NAZARET? Nazaret THOMSON? - 8th Hussars

EJB was clearly puzzled by this man, and there are at least two distinct accounts in his notes of how he came to be in the 8th Hussars.

Birth & early life


The 8th Hussars would seem to have been the only regiment in the Brigade to have had an interpreter "on the strength" in the Crimea. This man, described variously as Tomson Nazaret or Thomas Nazareth [EJB also refers to him as "Nazaret Thomson"], joined the regiment in England on the 24th of May 1854 and served with them throughout the campaign. He is shown on a separate medal roll, dated the 19th of March 1855, as being entitled to the medal with clasps for Alma, Balaclava and Inkerman. Presumably he received that for Sebastopol also, but it is not shown.

A footnote to the roll states, "When the lists for Balaclava were sent out it was not observed that this man [name?] had not been previously returned for the medal and two clasps (i.e. Alma and Inkerman rolls) which were made out separately) to which it appears he is entitled - an addition of one."

Whether he was engaged before leaving England, or joined the regiment somewhere in the Near East is not known, no documentation referring to him having yet (1984) been found.


He is shown [PB: name?] in the muster roll (separately) as being a 3rd Class Interpreter with the regiment from the 24th of May 1854. The regiment had arrived at Constantinople on the 20th of May and went into the Koulouli [sic?] Barracks, just north of Scutari, so he must have been taken on the strength shortly after this, the probable reason being the selection of the regiment to re-embark for Varna to assist the Turks, then under pressure by the Russians on the Danube.

Medals & commemorations

He is shown on a separate medal roll dated - Balaclava, 19th of March 1855 - for the Alma, Balaclava and Inkerman clasps, with two separate comments.

The first, signed by Colonel Shewell: "This man [PB: name?] has been Interpreter for the Regiment since landing in the Crimea".

And the second, signed by General Scarlett:

"When the lists for Balaclava were sent on, it was not observed that this man [PB: name?] had not previously been returned for the Medal and 2 Clasps to which, as it appears above, he is entitled - an addition of one to the general numbers of medals with A. and I."

His name cannot be found on any Sebastopol clasp roll, though he was obviously entitled to it.

Life after service

Death & burial

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