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828, Private Robert ASHTON — 11th Hussars


Born at Barton, Lincolnshire c.1812.

Enlisted at Beverley, Yorkshire, on the 25th of October 1834.

Death & burial

Died in Swinefleet, Goole, Yorkshire, aged 49.

Shown in the Pension Books as having died in the Hull District on the 19th of June 1860, and the St. Catherine's House records show a man of this name died in the Goole District during the April-June quarter of 1860. No age at death is shown, this being in the period before it was recorded.

His death certificate shows him as dying at Swinefleet, Goole, Yorkshire, from "Tabes purulenta, 6 months" [PB: Emaciation, bodily weakness and hectic fever resulting from an ulcerous discharge] on the 19th of June 1860, aged 49 years. His occupation was shown as "Pensioner, late a Private in the 11th Hussars, Queen's Own".

A Reuben Setterington, also from Swinefleet, is shown as being present at his death. (There is a copy of his death certificate in the "Certificates" file.)

'At Swinefleet, aged 48 years, Mr. Robert C. Ashton of the 11th Hussars. He was one of the few that survived the noted Light Cavalry Charge in the Crimean War.'

No information about his burial.

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