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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Page Private Francis 1114 13th Light Dragoons
Paget Colonel George 4th Light Dragoons
Paine Private John 692 17th Lancers
Paine Private Joseph 1215 17th Lancers
Painter Private Alfred 1666 11th Hussars
Pake Private Henry 337 4th Light Dragoons
Palethorpe Private George 781 17th Lancers
Palfreman Private Richard 1218 8th Hussars
Palin Private John 1381 4th Light Dragoons
Palmer Lt Roger 11th Hussars
Palmer Private George 1563 4th Light Dragoons
Pamplin Private James 1254 13th Light Dragoons
Pantry Private James 1303 11th Hussars
Parker Private Robert 1170 8th Hussars
Parker Private Daniel 1568 11th Hussars
Parker Private Henry 1484 11th Hussars
Parker Private James 1781 11th Hussars
Parker TSM John 835 11th Hussars
Parker Private Frederick 1342 17th Lancers
Parker Private Richard 1303 17th Lancers
Parker Private E. 1477 4th Light Dragoons
Parker Private William 1591 4th Light Dragoons
Parker Private William 1668 4th Light Dragoons
Parker Corporal William 954 13th Light Dragoons
Parker, Porter Private Richard 1122 17th Lancers
Parkinson Private John 1521 11th Hussars
Parkes / Parks Private Samuel 635 4th Light Dragoons
Parmenter Private William 1219 8th Hussars
Parnham Private George 1916 11th Hussars
Parratt Private Richard 1882 4th Light Dragoons
Partridge Vet Surgeon William 17th Lancers
Pavey Private Cornelius 1406 17th Lancers
Payne Sergeant Joseph 1619 13th Light Dragoons
Paynter Surg Joshua 13th Light Dragoons
Peake Sergeant Frederick 1309 13th Light Dragoons
Pearce Private George 1728 11th Hussars
Pearce Private William 1735 11th Hussars
Pearce Private Henry 790 17th Lancers
Pearce Private Henry 1647 4th Light Dragoons
Pearson Private John 861 8th Hussars
Pearson Private John 1433 8th Hussars
Pearson Private William 939 17th Lancers
Pearson Corporal William 1283 4th Light Dragoons
Pearson Private William 1353 4th Light Dragoons
Pease Private David 682 8th Hussars
Pedrick Private John 1071 13th Light Dragoons
Peel Maj Edmund 11th Hussars
Pegler Private James 1558 11th Hussars
Pegler Private Henry 1436 13th Light Dragoons
Pemberton Private William 1190 8th Hussars
Penfold Private Joseph 1841 13th Light Dragoons
Penn Corporal John 1168 17th Lancers
Pennington Private William 1631 11th Hussars
Pennington Private Thomas 1730 13th Light Dragoons
Percival Private Enoch 1469 13th Light Dragoons
Percy Private John 1291 13th Light Dragoons
Perkins Trmptr William 1304 11th Hussars
Perkins Private James 1049 13th Light Dragoons
Perkins Private James 850 17th Lancers
Perks Private Joseph 1719 13th Light Dragoons
Perry = 1078 Verry? Sergeant Henry 1018 13th Light Dragoons
Perry Private Thomas 597 8th Hussars
Pethers Private Henry 1470 11th Hussars
Pettit Sergeant John 1062 11th Hussars
Pettit Private Samuel 966 17th Lancers
Phelan Private William 964 17th Lancers
Phelan Private Michael 1513 4th Light Dragoons
Phillips Private Henry 1591 13th Light Dragoons
Phillips Private William 1370 11th Hussars
Phillips Private James 1239 13th Light Dragoons
Phillips Private James 651 17th Lancers
Phillips Private James 1358 4th Light Dragoons
Phillips Private John 1592 4th Light Dragoons
Phillips Private Joseph 1404 4th Light Dragoons
Phillips Lt Edward 8th Hussars
Philpott Private Humphrey 770 13th Light Dragoons
Picking Private William 1231 8th Hussars
Pickles Sgt ORC Joseph 908 11th Hussars
Pickworth Sergeant John 684 8th Hussars
Pilgrim Private Henry, Richard 1305 17th Lancers
Pilmer, see Gibson Private George 1471 13th Light Dragoons
Pipe Private Isaac 1394 17th Lancers
Piper Private James 1240 17th Lancers
Pitt Farrier William 1193 4th Light Dragoons
Pitt Private David 1698 13th Light Dragoons
Plummer Private William 1241 8th Hussars
Plunkett Captain Arthur 8th Hussars
Poll Private William 1693 11th Hussars
Pollard Private Benjamin 1627 11th Hussars
Pollard Private Charles 1478 13th Light Dragoons
Poole Private John 1695 4th Light Dragoons
Poole Private Richard 594 4th Light Dragoons
Poore Cornet Robert 8th Hussars
Pope Private Richard 815 4th Light Dragoons
Porley Private Thomas 1145 13th Light Dragoons
Portal Captain Robert 4th Light Dragoons
Porter Private John 800 8th Hussars
Potter Private Samuel 1480 4th Light Dragoons
Potter Private William 1822 4th Light Dragoons
Pottle Private George 1853 11th Hussars
Poulton Private John 1544 13th Light Dragoons
Powell Private Charles 1587 11th Hussars
Powell Private Thomas 1331 11th Hussars
Powell Trmptr Harry 1228 13th Light Dragoons
Powell Private William 1525 13th Light Dragoons
Power Private James 1234 13th Light Dragoons
Pownall Private Thomas 1839 4th Light Dragoons
Poyner Corporal Henry 1447 13th Light Dragoons
Poynton Private Bernard 1285 8th Hussars
Pratt Private Joseph 1471 4th Light Dragoons
Pratt Private George 1774 13th Light Dragoons
Preece Private Edward 1219 17th Lancers
Prescott Private Andrew 1715 13th Light Dragoons
Prewett Private James 1446 17th Lancers
Price Lt George 11th Hussars
Price Private George 1174 4th Light Dragoons
Price Private Charles 952 13th Light Dragoons
Price Private Edmund 1056 8th Hussars
Priestley Private George 1895 11th Hussars
Priestley Sergeant Joseph 1176 13th Light Dragoons
Prince Private Benjamin 656 4th Light Dragoons
Prince Private Daniel 1675 13th Light Dragoons
Prior Private Henry 1677 11th Hussars
Prior Private John 1692 11th Hussars
Prior Private David 1205 17th Lancers
Prior Private William 499 17th Lancers
Pritchard Private James 1803 11th Hussars
Proctor Private John 1467 11th Hussars
Proffett Private George 1784 4th Light Dragoons
Prothero Private Richard 717 8th Hussars
Puget Lt John 8th Hussars
Pullen Private Benjamin 1419 4th Light Dragoons
Pumfrett Corporal George 1082 17th Lancers
Purcell Private David 1591 11th Hussars
Purves, Purvis Private John (or James) Charles 1441 11th Hussars
Purvis Private William 868 17th Lancers
Puxley Lt Edward 4th Light Dragoons
Pye Private Arthur 907 4th Light Dragoons
Pye Private James 1895 4th Light Dragoons
Pyne Corporal John 928 17th Lancers

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