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974, Private Joseph Moore — 13th Light Dragoons

There was originally no information about this man in the EJBA. When he started researching the field, Jim Boys included only those men he knew from records had actually arrived in the Crimea. He later accepted that this was too restrictive, but was unable to add all the men who embarked for but did not reach the Crimea. Many, for example, died en route at Varna, Bulgaria, where epidemic diseases such as cholera were rife in the camps. The current editors are intending to include these men, and will be adding information as soon as possible.

Further info in Laurence Crider, 3rd Edition, p.389.

According to Crider, Roy Dutton confuses this man with 1224 Joseph Moore, 13th Light Dragoons.

According to Dutton, 1224 Joseph Moore died in Scutari on 8th December 1854 ( Forgotten Heroes, p.251). But Crider believes this was probably 974 Joseph Moore, 13th Light Dragoons, who appears to have died at Varna (not Scutari) on the 7th December 1854.

Dutton writes that 1224 Joseph Moore's daughters by his wife "Maria" — Sarah (born October 1845) and Elizabeth (born April 1848) — were sent to the Royal Victoria Patriotic Asylum on the 28th July 1859. Are Sarah and Elizabeth the children of 974 Joseph Moore, then?

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