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614, Private Mark ATKINSON — 13th Light Dragoons

Birth & early life

Born at Bedale, Yorkshire.


Enlisted at Leeds on the 2nd of June 1831.

Age: 25.

Height: 5' 9".

Trade: Servant.

Features: Sallow complexion. Grey eyes. Brown hair.


Tried by a Regimental Court-martial on the 9th of September 1844 for "habitual drunkenness". Sentenced to 20 days' imprisonment and to lose 1d. per day for 3 months.

Tried by a Regimental Court-martial on the 1st of January 1847 for "habitual drunkenness". Sentenced to 20 days' "solitary confinement" and to lose 1d. per day for three months.

Tried by a District Court-martial on the 24th of July 1849 for "habitual drunkenness" and given 3 months' imprisonment, with hard labour, and to lose 1d. per day for 168 days.

1851 Census

Piershill Barracks, Leith South, Midlothian.

George [sic] Atkinson, 45, Private Soldier, born Bedale.

[CP: Age & Place of birth ties up.]

Joined the Regiment in the Crimea from Varna on the 6th of July 1855, after having been sick in hospital there since the arrival of the regiment in the East.

Discharge & pension

Discharged from Chatham Invalid Depot on the 26th of December 1855, as:

"Unfit from chronic rheumatism consequent on long service. Suffered very much from fever and diarrhoea in the Crimea."

Served 23 years 356 days.

Aged 49 years 1 month on discharge.

Conduct and character: "bad". Not in possession of any Good Conduct badges.

Awarded a pension of 1/- per day on discharge.


Entitled to the Crimean medal with clasp for Sebastopol and the Turkish medal.


Not recorded by Lummis and Wynn.

Death & burial

Died in the York Pension District on the 16th of July 1856.

Death registered

Mark Atkinson, September Quarter 1856, Bedale.

References & acknowledgements

Death registration, and Census information for 1851, kindly provided by Chris Poole.

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