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1345, Private William Allerton — 17th Lancers

There was originally no information about this man in the EJBA.

Birth & early life

William Allerton was born in Calverley, Yorkshire c.1835.

1841 Census

Calverley with Farsley, Yorkshire.

Benj Allerton, 30, Clothier.

Fanney [sic] Allerton, 25.

William Allerton, 6.

John Allerton, 4.

1851 Census

Bagley, Calverley, Farsley, Yorkshire.

Benjamin Allerton, 42, Cloth Maker, born Farsley.

Fanny Allerton, 36, born Calverley.

William Allerton, 16, Cloth Weaver, born Farsley.

Martha Allerton, 9, scholar, born Farsley.

John Allerton, 14, Home [does this mean unemployed?], born Farsley.

Hannah Allerton, 6, scholar, born Farsley.

Elizabeth Allerton, 3, born Farsley.

Phoebe, 1 month, born Farsley.

Death registered

Benjamin Allerton [William's father], March Quarter 1852, Bradford Y.


William Allerton enlisted in November 1854, at the age of about 19.



Marriage registered

Frances Allerton [William's mother], married Isaac Hainsworth, December Quarter 1856, Leeds.

1861 Census

Thomas Street, Dewsbury.

Isaac Hainsworth, 40. born Farsley.

Fanny Hainsworth, 45, born Farsley.

Martha Allerton, step-daughter, 19, born Farsley.

Hannah Allerton, step-daughter, born Farsley.

Elizabeth Allerton, step-daughter, born Farsley.

Phoebe Allerton, step-daughter, 9, born Farsley.

Sarah Hainsworth, daughter, 3, born Dewsbury.

Life after service

After discharge, William Allerton returned to Yorkshire to live with his mother, sisters, and step-father. Most of the family were wool weavers.

1871 Census

Lidgate Lane, Dewsbury.

Isaac Hainsworth, 47, Woolen Weaver, born Calverley.

Fanny Hainsworth, 55, born Calverley.

William Allerton, 35, step-son, Woolen Weaver, born Calverley.

Hannah Allerton, 26, step-daughter, Woolen Weaver, born Calverley.

Phoebe Allerton, 19, step-daughter, Woolen Weaver, born Calverley.

Death & burial

References & acknowledgements

Death registration and Census information for 1841, 1851, 1861, and 1871 kindly provided by Chris Poole.

See also Laurence Crider 3rd edition p.424.

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