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Cornet George Maxwell GOAD - 13th Light Dragoons

Birth & early life

Born on the 4th of January 1834, the son of B. Goad, Esq., of Harley Street, London, and his wife, Ann Elizabeth.

His mother was later re-married to General Sir Thomas Bradford, G.C.B. G.C.H. of Hartwell, near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in 1840.

General Sir Thomas Bradford [step-father]

George Goad's step-father was Colonel of the 30th Foot. He had served in Hanover in 1805, in South America in 1806 and was present at the siege of Monte Video and Buenos Ayres. He served throughout the Peninsula campaign, where he commanded a Brigade of the Portuguese Army from 1811 until the general peace of 1814. He received a Cross and clasps for Corruna, Salamanca, San Sebastian and Nive to the M.G.S. medal.

His brother, Thomas Howard Goad, also of the 13th Light Dragoons, was killed in the Charge.

Educated at Rugby School.


Cornet in the 13th Light Dragoons: 23rd of January 1852.

Lieutenant, 13th Light Dragoons: 26th of October 1854.

Returned to England in the 7th of December 1854 aboard the "Jason".

Captain, 13th Light Dragoons: 25th of October 1855.

Retired, by the sale of his commission, on the 18th of January 1856.


Entitled to the Crimean medal with clasps for Alma, Balaclava and Sebastopol and the Turkish Medal.

Further medal information archived

Life after service

Marriage registered

George Maxwell Goad to Margaret Caroline Hunt, September Quarter 1858, St George's Hanover Square.

1861 Census

Dibden House, Dibden, Hants.

George Maxwell Goad, aged 27, Army Retired, born London.

Margaret Caroline Goad, 27, wife, born Kingston.

Six Servants are also shown.

1871 Census

Eaton Square, Knightsbridge.

George Maxwell Goad, aged 37, Magistrate Marylebone, Middlesex.

Margaret C. Goad, 36, Kingston, Surrey.

Seven Servants are also shown.

1881 Census

Fairlea, Holdenhurst, Hants.

George Maxwell Goad, 47, Magistrate, born London.

Margaret C. Goad, 47, born Kingston.

Five Domestic Servants, including a Butler and Footman, were employed in the household.

1891 Census

Fairlea, West Cliff Road, Holdenhurst, Bournemouth.

G. M. Goad, aged 57, Living on own means, born London.

Margaret Goad, 56, born Kingston.

Six servants are also shown.

Before going to Bournemouth he had also lived at 24, Brunswick Terrace, Brighton.

Death & burial

Death registered

George Maxwell Goad, 60, March Quarter 1894, Christchurch.

Died on the 30th of January 1894, at Bournemouth, Hampshire, and was buried in the Wimborne Road Cemetery at Bournemouth on the 2nd of February 1894.

Extract from the Bournemouth Observer and Chronicle for the 3rd of February 1894.

"Death of Captain George Maxwell Goad, on the 30th of January 1894.

We regret to record the death, which occurred on Tuesday at his residence, "Fairlea", West Cliff Road, Bournemouth, of Captain George Maxwell Goad, for about twelve years past a well-known resident in Bournemouth.

Captain Goad was formerly in the 13th Light Dragoons (now the 13th Hussars) and served with his regiment throughout the Crimean War, securing the Crimean medal with clasps for Alma, Balaclava and Sebastopol. He was then a young subaltern.

He started in the famous charge of the Light Brigade but his horse was shot under him and fell over his body, causing severe injuries to his back. His elder brother, Thomas Goad, of the same regiment, was unfortunately killed in the same action.

Deceased was a member of the Bournemouth Club, of which for several years he was the Chairman. He occasionally attended Conservative gatherings and it was through no lack of interest in the cause which prevented him being present more frequently, but his delicate health rendered it impossible to attend all its meetings.

In London he was a member of the Army and Navy, Garrick and Arthur's Clubs, and the R.Y.S. at Cowes.

Captain Goad had been in delicate health for some years, but was only confined to his room a few days before his death which resulted from pneumonia and bronchitis, following influenza.

The funeral took place at two o'clock yesterday (Friday) afternoon at the Bournemouth Cemetery."

Extract from the Observer and Chronicle for the 10th of February 1894:

"The late Captain G. Maxwell Goad"

"The funeral of the late Captain Maxwell Goad took place on Friday afternoon in the Bournemouth Cemetery, the first part of the service being conducted in St. Michael's Church. The body was enclosed in a panelled oak coffin with a raised lid and massive brass furniture, the breast-plate bearing the inscription: 'G. Maxwell Goad. Died January 30th 1894, aged 60 years.'

At St. Michael's Church the first part of the service was taken by the Vicar, the Revd. F.E. Thoyne. Two hymns were sung in the church and as the coffin was borne out the organist played the Dead March in "Saul." Amongst the congregation were a great many working people. [Then follows a list of the mourners and wreath-senders.]

At the cemetery gates, the coffin, covered with many floral wreaths and crosses, was met by friends and neighbours, the concluding part of the service being most impressively read by the Vicar."

He was buried in Wimborne Road Cemetery, Bournemouth, on the 2nd of February 1894 in Grave No. E4/395. The erected headstone bears the inscriptions: "Captain George Maxwell Goad, late 13th Light Dragoons. Died January 30th 1894, aged 60 years." "Thy will be done." "Also of Margaret, his wife. Died October 29th 1927, aged 94."

His gravestone in Wimborne Road Cemetery is in the form of a pink granite cross on three plinths, the whole being about 5 feet 6 inches high. It is unusual in that the inscription faces outwards from the head of the grave instead of to the grave itself.

In his will he left his estate of 21,537 to his widow, Margaret Catherine, and his son, Charles Wilton Goad.

Further information

1901 Census

Fair Lea, Bournemouth.

Margaret C. Goad, widow, aged 67, Living on own means, born Robin Hood Vale, Surrey.

Six servants are also shown.

1911 Census

Fair Lea, West Cliffe Road, Bournmouth.

Margaret Caroline Goad, 77, widow, Private means, born Robin Hood Vale, Surrey [no children].

Six Servants and nephew are also shown.

Death registered

Margaret C Goad, 94, December Quarter 1927, Bournemouth.


In 1987, part of a saddlebag was found at Cambridge stuck to the roots of a silver birch tree. A small brass plaque was attached on which was inscribed: "G.M. Goad, Esq., 13th Light Dragoons. (No. 2)."

References & acknowledgements

Additional marriage and death registrations, and Census information for 1861-1911, kindly provided by Chris Poole.

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