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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars


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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854. Men who arrived after the fall of Sebastopol on 9 September 1855, who (with some exceptions) were therefore not entitled to the Crimean War Medal, are listed separately below. Men who died or were invalided home before reaching the Crimea are shown in the main list.

NB For the moment, only the records for the 13th Light Dragoons are fully accessible to read online. If you are interested in a man from one of the other regiments, please contact the editors.

Regtl No
Dale Private Solomon 1359 8th Hussars
Daley Trmptr John 627 8th Hussars
Daley Private John 1005 8th Hussars
Dallinger Private Frederick 1676 13th Light Dragoons
Dalton Private Charles 1136 8th Hussars
Dalton Private Wilmall, Winnal, William 1467 8th Hussars
Daniel, Daniells Private Thomas 1262 11th Hussars
Darby Private Joseph 1390 4th Light Dragoons
Dare Private George 1287 8th Hussars
Darlington, alias of 1227, Thomas Shaw, 6th Dragoons Private Abel 1629 11th Hussars
Dashwood Private John 1399 17th Lancers
Davidson Private William 1748 4th Light Dragoons
Davidson Private Alexander 1409 13th Light Dragoons
Davidson Private William 1530 8th Hussars
Davies Private William 1406 11th Hussars
Davies / Davis Corporal Richard 1530 11th Hussars
Davies Sergeant Robert 1495 11th Hussars
Davies Private Samuel 1632 11th Hussars
Davis Private Isaac 1711 13th Light Dragoons
Davis Private John 1400 4th Light Dragoons
Davis Private James 1953 4th Light Dragoons
Davis Trumpeter Richard 1108 13th Light Dragoons
Davies Private Thomas 1412 13th Light Dragoons
Davis Private Thomas 772 17th Lancers
Daw Private James 1625 4th Light Dragoons
Dawn Private William 1180 8th Hussars
Dawson Private William 1443 13th Light Dragoons
Day Private William 1234 17th Lancers
Day Private Henry 1579 4th Light Dragoons
de Bourbel Lieutenant Harold Henri / Henry 4th Light Dragoons
De Salis Major Rodolph 8th Hussars
Deaball Private William 852 17th Lancers
Deacon Private Elisha 1534 11th Hussars
Dearden Cornet John 13th Light Dragoons
Dearlove Private George 1055 13th Light Dragoons
Dearnes Private Rudd 1807 11th Hussars
Deason Private Alfred 1494 13th Light Dragoons
Dedman Private Charles 1578 4th Light Dragoons
Deebank Private William 1787 4th Light Dragoons
Deering Private Daniel 1302 4th Light Dragoons
Delaney Private Terence 1055 8th Hussars
Delworth Private James 940 13th Light Dragoons
Dennis Private Richard 1409 17th Lancers
Derbyshire Private James 1675 4th Light Dragoons
Devereux Corporal James 1012 8th Hussars
Devlin Corporal James 1447 4th Light Dragoons
Dickenson, Dickeson, Dickson Private Thomas 1488 13th Light Dragoons
Dickie Private Alexander 876 17th Lancers
Dickinson Sergeant Francis 847 17th Lancers
Dickinson Private William 1495 8th Hussars
Dies Private James 1038 8th Hussars
Dignan Private Francis 1521 8th Hussars
Dimend Private Charles 1657 13th Light Dragoons
Dimmock Private William 653 17th Lancers
Dimsdale Cornet Henry 11th Hussars
Dixon Private Thomas 1592 11th Hussars
Dixon Private Alfred 1201 17th Lancers
Dixon Private Alfred 1227 17th Lancers
Dixon Private John 1800 4th Light Dragoons
Dobson Private Benjamin 874 17th Lancers
Dobson Private Christopher 1122 8th Hussars
Doherty Lieutenant - Colonel Charles 13th Light Dragoons
Dollar Private Thomas 896 17th Lancers
Dollard Private Richard 916 17th Lancers
Dolley Private James 1614 13th Light Dragoons
Donaghy Private William 1571 13th Light Dragoons
Donald Corporal William 579 8th Hussars
Donaldson Private James 961 4th Light Dragoons
Donoghue Trmptr James 1064 8th Hussars
Donoghue Private Bernard 1088 8th Hussars
Donoghue (alias of Pte Joseph Gough — 740, 8H) Joseph
Donovan Private Dennis 1702 13th Light Dragoons
Donovan Private John 1067 8th Hussars
Donovan Private Michael 1763 11th Hussars
Doogan Private William 695 13th Light Dragoons
Doolan Private Patrick 936 8th Hussars
Dooley Private Joseph 748 8th Hussars
Doran, Doren Private John 1793 11th Hussars
Dorrell Private William 1503 13th Light Dragoons
Doughton Private Joseph 1422 13th Light Dragoons
Douglas Lt Col John 11th Hussars
Douglas Private John 1410 13th Light Dragoons
Douglas Private John 1566 13th Light Dragoons
Dovey Private Thomas 1521 17th Lancers
Dowden Private Jonathan 1796 4th Light Dragoons
Dowling Private Patrick 1027 17th Lancers
Down Private George 1095 8th Hussars
Downing Private Frederick 1524 4th Light Dragoons
Doyle Private William 1278 13th Light Dragoons
Doyle Private William 576 17th Lancers
Doyle Private Stephen 1030 8th Hussars
Doyle Private John 1131 8th Hussars
Drabble Private William 840 8th Hussars
Drainey Private Henry 1651 11th Hussars
Dray Private James 1528 4th Light Dragoons
Dring Private Daniel 1358 8th Hussars
Dryden Private John 1617 11th Hussars
Duberly Pmstr Henry 8th Hussars
Duckett Private Joseph 1440 11th Hussars
Dudley Private Thomas 1134 17th Lancers
Duff Private John 804 17th Lancers
Duffy Private Patrick 1519 17th Lancers
Duggan Private John 579 17th Lancers
Duggan Private William 580 17th Lancers
Duke Private Robert 1340 13th Light Dragoons
Dumayne Private William 1429 13th Light Dragoons
Duncan Sergeant James 688 17th Lancers
Dunn Private Patrick 931 8th Hussars
Dunn Trmptr John 1090 8th Hussars
Dunn Private Martin 1112 8th Hussars
Dunn Corporal Thomas 1240 8th Hussars
Dunn Trmptr George 1241 8th Hussars
Dunn Lieutenant Alexander 11th Hussars
Dunn Private George 581 17th Lancers
Dunn Private Charles 1088 4th Light Dragoons
Durkain Private James 1682 13th Light Dragoons
Dutton Private Charles 1798 4th Light Dragoons
Dwan Private James 1079 8th Hussars
Dyer Private Thomas 562 17th Lancers
Dyer Farr-Sergeant John 431 8th Hussars
Dyke Private John 1265 11th Hussars
Dyson Private John 1827 4th Light Dragoons

Arrived after 9 September 1855

Regtl No
Davies Sergeant John 1639 4th Light Dragoons From Depot Scutari, 1.11.55 (from 15H)
Dewsnap Private Joshua 1851 4th Light Dragoons To service troops 3.9.55, to 3DG
Docker Private George 2062 4th Light Dragoons Joined the regiment 1.9.55, died 18.11.55.
Doran Private William 1863 4th Light Dragoons Joined the regiment 1.9.55.
Duke Private James 1915 4th Light Dragoons To service troops 3.9.55.
Dawes Private Charles 1428 8th Hussars To service troops 19.10.55.
Deed Private George 1395 8th Hussars Joined the regiment 28.9.55.
Doyle Private Edward 1779 8th Hussars Joined the regiment 20.11.55.
Davies Private Henry 1919 11th Hussars From England 28.9.55.
Davis Private James 2023 11th Hussars From England 18.11.55.
Donican [sp?] Private John 2038 11th Hussars From England 18.11.55.
Doughton Private Frederick 1976 11th Hussars From England 28.9.55.
Duncan Private James 1640 11th Hussars From England 18.11.55.
Daley Private Martin 1508 17th Lancers Joined the regiment 28.9.55 with Cornet Marshall.
Dalton Private John 1408 17th Lancers From Scutari 20.12.55. To 12th Lancers
Davis Private George 15467 17th Lancers Joined the regiment 28.9.55 with Cornet Marshall.
Davis Private George 15467 [CHECK NUMBER] 17th Lancers Joined the regiment 28.9.55 with Cornet Marshall.
Dennis Private James 1251 17th Lancers Joined the regiment 7.1.56.
Dewdney Private Walter 1211 17th Lancers Joined the regiment 21.11.55.
Dickenson Private George 1718 17th Lancers Joined the regiment 21.11.55.
Ditch Private Robert 1437 17th Lancers Joined the regiment 28.9.55 with Cornet Marshall.
Dixon Private Henry F. 1413 17th Lancers Joined the regiment 28.9.55 with Cornet Marshall.
Doyle Private John 1567 17th Lancers From 16th Lancers. In Crimea? (p.327 Crider)
Dunn Private John 1601 17th Lancers Joined the regiment 28.9.55 (?) with Cornet Marshall.
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