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Paul Anthony 11th Hussars

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This list aims to show all members of the five regiments of the Light Cavalry brigade known to have embarked for active service in the Crimean War between 1854 and 1856 — more than 3000 men. Of these, between 600 and 700 were in the Charge on 25th October 1854.

Regtl No
Backshall, Bagshaw Private James 1581 4th Light Dragoons
Badger Private George 1545 13th Light Dragoons
Bagshaw, Backshall Private James 1581 4th Light Dragoons
Bailes Private Henry 1122 13th Light Dragoons
Bailey, Bayley Private John 1441 8th Hussars
Bailey Private John 1376 13th Light Dragoons
Bailey Private William 1568 13th Light Dragoons
Bailey Private William 1373 17th Lancers
Bainbridge Private John 1737 11th Hussars
Baines, Baynes Private George 1622 4th Light Dragoons
Baines, Baynes Private Henry 1029 11th Hussars
Bainton Private William 830 13th Light Dragoons
Baker Private Frederick 1194 17th Lancers
Baker Cornet James 8th Hussars
Baker Sergeant John 888 4th Light Dragoons
Baker Private John 1638 4th Light Dragoons
Baker Private John 1511 8th Hussars
Baker Private John 828 17th Lancers
Baker Private William 846 11th Hussars
Baker Private William 749 17th Lancers
Balch Private Richard 1371 17th Lancers
Baldwin Private James 1221 17th Lancers
Baldwin Sergeant William 1289 17th Lancers
Ball Private Thomas 1509 13th Light Dragoons
Ballam Private Charles
13th Light Dragoons
Ballam Private Samuel 1650 13th Light Dragoons
Ballard Private Thomas 1677 13th Light Dragoons
Ballies Private Alexander 1407 13th Light Dragoons
Balme Private George 1049 4th Light Dragoons
Bambrick Private John 1465 11th Hussars
Bancroft Private Richard 1739 4th Light Dragoons
Banks Private Edward 1635 13th Light Dragoons
Banks Private Joseph 1311 17th Lancers
Bannister Private George 1836 4th Light Dragoons
Bannister Private Richard 1573 13th Light Dragoons
Barber Farr John 1298 11th Hussars
Barber Lieutenant Henry 17th Lancers
Barber Private Joseph 1792 4th Light Dragoons
Barber Private James 1545 8th Hussars
Baring Cornet Henry 17th Lancers
Barker TSM William 655 17th Lancers
Barker Private William 983 17th Lancers
Barnes Private James 1312 17th Lancers
Barnes Trmptr Edward 1236 4th Light Dragoons
Barnes Private John 1775 4th Light Dragoons
Barnes Private Richard 2020 4th Light Dragoons
Barnes Private George 1424 8th Hussars
Barnett Private Edward 1385 17th Lancers
Barrass Private James 801 11th Hussars
Barratt Private Christopher 1032 8th Hussars
Barringer Private Robert 1518 8th Hussars
Barry Private John 1144 8th Hussars
Barter Private James 1085 8th Hussars
Bartlett Private George 1650 11th Hussars
Barwick Private Abraham 1501 11th Hussars
Baskerville Private John 967 17th Lancers
Bassett Corporal William 1027 11th Hussars
Batchelor Private John 1871 11th Hussars
Bates Private James 959 11th Hussars
Bates Private John 2060 4th Light Dragoons
Baxter Private John 1518 11th Hussars
Bayley Private Walter 1612 4th Light Dragoons
Baylis Private James 1272 4th Light Dragoons
Baylis, Bayliss Private John 1362 4th Light Dragoons
Baynes, Baines Private George 1622 4th Light Dragoons
Baynes, Baines Private Henry 1029 11th Hussars
Beadon Private George 1564 13th Light Dragoons
Beard Private George 1116 4th Light Dragoons
Bearder Private Edward 1028 17th Lancers
Beasley Private Edward 1786 4th Light Dragoons
Beattie Private Thomas 1611 11th Hussars
Beck Corporal Thomas 1378 11th Hussars
Beckett Private William 1329 17th Lancers
Beckett Private John 585 8th Hussars
Beckett Private Bartholomew 766 8th Hussars
Beckey Corporal John 1612 13th Light Dragoons
Bedford Private William 1789 13th Light Dragoons
Beeson Private Benjamin 1570 11th Hussars
Beetham, Beettam Private William 898 17th Lancers
Belcher Private William 1476 4th Light Dragoons
Belfield Private Joseph 1582 11th Hussars
Belk Private Joseph 1912 4th Light Dragoons
Bell Private John 1876 11th Hussars
Bell Private James H. 1486 4th Light Dragoons
Bellion Private Peter 1689 13th Light Dragoons
Belward Private George 1706 11th Hussars
Bennett Corporal William 970 11th Hussars
Bennett Private Edward 1588 13th Light Dragoons
Bennett Private Henry 1061 17th Lancers
Bennington Private Stephen 839 11th Hussars
Bensley Corporal James 1689 11th Hussars
Benson Maj Henry 17th Lancers
Bentley Sergeant William 863 11th Hussars
Bentley Private Charles 1574 11th Hussars
Bentley Private Thomas 1806 11th Hussars
Bentley Private John 1490 13th Light Dragoons
Benzorski, Berezowski Private Michael 1634 13th Light Dragoons
Berkleman, Berckleman Private Arthur 871 17th Lancers
Berry Private John 1682 8th Hussars
Berry Private John 1306 11th Hussars
Berryman Sergeant John 735 17th Lancers
Bessell Private John 1558 17th Lancers
Best Private James 1613 13th Light Dragoons
Best Private Walter 1201 4th Light Dragoons
Bevan Private David 1783 4th Light Dragoons
Bevil Private John 723 8th Hussars
Bevin Private John 1060 8th Hussars
Bickerton Private Charles 1761 11th Hussars
Bide Private Joseph 1400 13th Light Dragoons
Biggs Private John 887 4th Light Dragoons
Biggs Private William 1556 13th Light Dragoons
Bignell Private Alfred 1250 17th Lancers
Bigwood Private Henry 1642 13th Light Dragoons
Billinghurst Private William 1829 13th Light Dragoons
Billington Private Joseph 1405 17th Lancers
Bingham Private John 1412 11th Hussars
Birch Private James 1565 4th Light Dragoons
Bird Private William 1209 8th Hussars
Bishop Corporal William Henry 1261 4th Light Dragoons
Bishop Private Edward 1759 13th Light Dragoons
Bissell Private William 1760 11th Hussars
Black Private John 1863 13th Light Dragoons
Black Private David 522 17th Lancers
Blackburn Private William 1251 8th Hussars
Blackett Private Thomas
13th Light Dragoons
Blackwell Private Battye, Batty 1237 13th Light Dragoons
Blades Private John 395 8th Hussars
Blake Private William
4th Light Dragoons
Blake Private William 1669 4th Light Dragoons
Blake Private William 1721 13th Light Dragoons
Blamiers Arm Sergeant Thomas 1560 13th Light Dragoons
Bland Private Thomas 1072 17th Lancers
Blanthorn Private Benjamin 1408 4th Light Dragoons
Blissett Private Edward 1430 11th Hussars
Blood Private William 1247 8th Hussars
Bloomfield Private James 484 17th Lancers
Blower Private George 1550 13th Light Dragoons
Blunden Corporal Trevor 2181 4th Light Dragoons
Blyth Private William 1588 4th Light Dragoons
Bodhill Private John 1559 8th Hussars
Bogg Private John 1904 13th Light Dragoons
Boggis Private Frederick 1783 13th Light Dragoons
Bolt, Bott Private William 1860 13th Light Dragoons
Bolton Private James 868 4th Light Dragoons
Bond Sergeant Seth 1091 11th Hussars
Bond Private Henry 1478 11th Hussars
Bone Private Henry 1420 13th Light Dragoons
Bonis Private George 1352 13th Light Dragoons
Boocock Private Edward 1541 8th Hussars
Boocock Private Samuel 1817 13th Light Dragoons
Booth Private James 1682 4th Light Dragoons
Booth Private William 1350 8th Hussars
Bourbel / de Bourbel Lieutenant Harold Henri (or Henry) 4Light Dragoons
Boreham Private George 1549 4th Light Dragoons
Boreham Private Thomas 1548 13th Light Dragoons
Boulter Private Henry 1788 4th Light Dragoons
Boulton Private Henry 1479 17th Lancers
Bourke Corporal John 1414 4th Light Dragoons
Boville Private Benjamin 1402 17th Lancers
Bow Private Thomas 1245 11th Hussars
Bow Private John 1039 17th Lancers
Bowden Private Joseph
4th Light Dragoons
Bown Private James 869 17th Lancers
Bowen Private John 957 17th Lancers
Bowen Private William 933 8th Hussars
Bowen Private George 965 8th Hussars
Bowhill Private John 1035 4th Light Dragoons
Bowler Private Frederick 1103 17th Lancers
Bowler Private Michael 1322 4th Light Dragoons
Bowler Private John 1267 8th Hussars
Bown Private James 869 17th Lancers
Boxall Private John 1550 4th Light Dragoons
Boyce Private William 1816 4th Light Dragoons
Boyd Trmptr Michael 1321 11th Hussars
Boyd Private Isaac 1894 4th Light Dragoons
Boylen Private Thomas 1699 13th Light Dragoons
Boynton Cornet George
17th Lancers
Bradley Private Edward
4th Light Dragoons
Bradley Private James 1690 13th Light Dragoons
Brady Private Thomas 1368 13th Light Dragoons
Braithwaite Sergeant Edmund 1355 13th Light Dragoons
Bray Private Francis 511 8th Hussars
Breeds Private Henry 1606 13th Light Dragoons
Breeze, Breese Sergeant John 1102 11th Hussars
Brennan Private James 1251 13th Light Dragoons
Brennan Private James 636 17th Lancers
Brennan Private Patrick 1012 17th Lancers
Brennan Private Michael 852 8th Hussars
Brennan Private James 889 8th Hussars
Brewer Private Alfred 1289 11th Hussars
Brewington Private John 1510 4th Light Dragoons
Bridge Private Walter 1888 13th Light Dragoons
Bridgeman Private James 1220 17th Lancers
Brien Sergeant William 572 8th Hussars
Brierley Private Henry 1797 4th Light Dragoons
Briers Private Daniel 1539 11th Hussars
Briggs Private Robert 1473 11th Hussars
Briggs Private Samuel
4th Light Dragoons
Briggs Private James 1074 13th Light Dragoons
Brittain Trmptr William 726 17th Lancers
Brocksop Private William 1396 8th Hussars
Brooke, Brookes Private William 1595 4th Light Dragoons
Brookes, Brooks Private Charles 1508 13th Light Dragoons
Brooks (alias of John Withers) Private John 1516 13th Light Dragoons
Brooks Private Joseph 830 17th Lancers
Brooks Private Walter 747 17th Lancers
Broom Private George 486 17th Lancers
Broomfield Private William 1045 8th Hussars
Broughton Private William 1565 11th Hussars
Brown Private Alfred 1426 11th Hussars
Brown F-Sergeant Ebenezer 358 17th Lancers
Brown Private Enoch 1456 4th Light Dragoons
Brown Private Frederick 1246 11th Hussars
Brown Private George 1775 13th Light Dragoons
Brown Captain George
4th Light Dragoons
Brown Private Gilbert 1300 8th Hussars
Brown Private Henry 1168 13th Light Dragoons
Brown Private Henry 1418 17th Lancers
Brown Private James 1842 11th Hussars
Brown Private James 1806 13th Light Dragoons
Brown Private John 1415 4th Light Dragoons
Brown Private John 887 8th Hussars
Brown Private John 1790 11th Hussars
Brown Private John 455 17th Lancers
Brown Trmptr John 476 17th Lancers
Brown Trmptr John 926 17th Lancers
Brown Private John 1388 17th Lancers
Brown Private Joseph 1492 13th Light Dragoons
Brown Private Peter 862 17th Lancers
Brown Private Richard 1153 11th Hussars
Brown Private Robert 894 17th Lancers
Brown Private Serenas, Charles 1231 11th Hussars
Brown Private Thomas 1834 11th Hussars
Brown Private Thomas 714 17th Lancers
Browne Captain Charles
4th Light Dragoons
Bruce Private John 1022 13th Light Dragoons
Brudenell, Lord Cardigan Maj Gen James Brigade staff
Bruges ORC William 1378 4th Light Dragoons
Brunning Private William 1770 13th Light Dragoons
Brunton Private Joseph 1176 11th Hussars
Bryan Private Peter 636 4th Light Dragoons
Bryan Private James 1293 13th Light Dragoons
Bryant Private Charles 1557 13th Light Dragoons
Bubb Private Robert 1588 11th Hussars
Buck Private James 1160 17th Lancers
Bucket Private Richard 1947 13th Light Dragoons
Buckingham Private James 1285 17th Lancers
Buckley Private William Wright 1614 8th Hussars
Buckton Corporal John 1413 11th Hussars
Budd Private Walter 1778 13th Light Dragoons
Bull Private Thomas 879 8th Hussars
Bull SM George
11th Hussars
Bullock Private John 864 17th Lancers
Bulmer Private Thomas 1711 11th Hussars
Bunce Private Frederick 1419 11th Hussars
Bunn Private William 995 11th Hussars
Bunn Private Richard 1036 4th Light Dragoons
Bunyard Private Alfred 1535 11th Hussars
Burford Private James 1587 4th Light Dragoons
Burgess Private Henry 1232 11th Hussars
Burgess Private Alexander 1840 11th Hussars
Burke Private Patrick 1771 4th Light Dragoons
Burke Private Edward 1266 13th Light Dragoons
Burke Private Matthew 360 8th Hussars
Burling Private John 1256 11th Hussars
Burnand Cornet Arthur 17th Lancers
Burnett Private Samuel 1441 4th Light Dragoons
Burnett Private James 1577 4th Light Dragoons
Burns Private William 796 17th Lancers
Burrows Private Henry 1486 8th Hussars
Bursnoll Private William 1752 13th Light Dragoons
Burton Private John 1579 8th Hussars
Burton Private John 624 11th Hussars
Burton Private William 1529 11th Hussars
Bury Private Philip 1452 11th Hussars
Bushell Private James 1893 4th Light Dragoons
Bushell Private William 1051 13th Light Dragoons
Bushman Corporal Joseph 1013 17th Lancers
Buswell Private Thomas 1243 4th Light Dragoons
Butcher Private George 1749 13th Light Dragoons
Butler Private George 1379 17th Lancers
Butler Private William 840 17th Lancers
Butler Sergeant Thomas 1318 4th Light Dragoons
Butler Private William 1452 4th Light Dragoons
Butterworth Corporal Joseph 1169 8th Hussars
Byles Private Henry 1735 13th Light Dragoons
Byrne Vet Surgeon John
4th Light Dragoons
Byrne Private Charles 1481 13th Light Dragoons
Byrne Private John 925 8th Hussars
Byrne Private Thomas 1033 8th Hussars
Byrne, Byrnes Private John 1029 8th Hussars
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